TREKATHON: Star Trek Movie Marathon

We screened all 11 Star Trek films (plus Captain’s Summit) in a marathon over the course of two days and rated them. Twenty-three people showed up at various times. Everyone ranked whatever films they saw, 0 through 10, 10 being perfect. A marathon forces you to reconsider your opinion on these films, so if you think some of our rankings are whack, all I can say is, you had to be there! Video by Brad Hansen — Time lapse camera took 2 frames every minute & photos of the rankings were taken by

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    25 thoughts on “TREKATHON: Star Trek Movie Marathon

    • I accept your rankings. The amount of epic speeches and cool shit in first contact certainly makes up for the wonky time travel premise. And of course TWoK is amazing beyond words in many ways.
      Movie marathons are the greatest.

    • @americanjedi77
      Well Final Frontier was bad, bad in contrast to Insurrection at least the character-development worked. Thats why it is the superiour movie.
      I hate insurrection as well

    • kinda shocked, but not really…my rankings severely differ from what everyone says… from best to worst
      1. ST III
      2. ST II
      3. ST IV
      4. ST VI
      5. ST I
      6 ST V
      7 ST First Contact
      8 ST Insurrection
      9 ST Generations
      10 ST 09

    • Really? First Contact in a tie for first? Its not bad but nowhere near as good as Star Treks 2 – 4. Or 1. Or 6. Better than 5 though.

    • @Exverlobter I see your point, but at least with “Insurrection” the plot was polished up & made more interesting.
      The same could have been done with “The Final Frontier” but I think the screenwriters just got lazy. A piss-poor budget is no excuse either, as the money was DEFINITELY THERE (hot off the box-office success of ST-IV).
      But I do hear you on character development, Paramount dropped the ball there….(or just didn’t care to pick it up in the first place me thinks).

    • @Exverlobter Anyways, both films are TERRIBLE as they came close to being (and maybe should’ve been) franchise-killing cinema.

      At least we can both agree….THEY WERE BAD. LOL!!! =)

    • to bad TNG never got a good movie …motion picture the title speaks for itself it is a motion picture.
      5 the best and worst, 4 we do looove time travel and besides, its cheaper than creating new worlds and aliens,
      3ehh the last ten min. spock comes back. 2 perfect reunion everyting the first should have been and to hard an act to follow (3) 6 is the follow up we deserve, and a fond goodbye, 2009 cool! but would have been cooler if it had better production ya’know like sets.

    • polghirstenskoetter · Edit

      The room is way to bright to properly watch a Trek movie… wish I would’ve participated nonetheless :) Here’s my vote:

      ST1: 8 | ST2: 10 | ST3: 7 | ST4: 8 | ST5: 4 | ST6: 9 | ST7: 3 | ST8: 8 | ST9: 5 | ST10: 2 | ST11: 7

    • @americanjedi77 STV has a lot of plot issues, but there’s still some good character interaction in there. Even with all the terrible plot going on around them the characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy make it watchable.

    • The guy that rated Nemesis a 1 has exactly what I would vote for every movie. He is the only true Star Trek fan there, IMO.

    • I’m so proud that I wasn’t a part of this and have never watched a Star Trek movie. Only came here because redlettermedia liked it. You guys had better kiss plinkett’s diseased old ass for giving you all of your views. ALL OF THEM.

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