Enlarge your wardrobe choices with clothing accessories.

It’s true that women love clothes, but there’s a limit to everything. Unless you have a very large budget for clothing, you’re probably looking for ways to make the most of your current wardrobe. European women have mastered the art of making many costumes of one basic suit or dress. We American women would be wise to take a page from their book. Clothing accessories are the name of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the ways clothing accessories can create a larger wardrobe with little additional closet space.

Classically simple clothing is most adaptable in this game. The classic lines lend sophistication to your style as well. Let’s take the LBD, that little black dress we all love. This chameleon of garments can sail right through the day’s events with only a change of a belt, scarf, purse and some jewelry. A no-nonsense blazer and a string of pearls give you a professional look suitable for an office presentation. When you meet your husband for lunch, swap the blazer for that silk scarf he gave you for Christmas. Add a couple of gold bangle bracelets, lose the pearls and you’ve got a whole new look. You’re going to dinner and the theatre? A change of shoes, with a little glitz, a satin handbag and jacket and you’re ready for compliments.

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You can see how this works. It’s no wonder European women love clothing accessories. With a good selection of accessories, you can appear to have a magnificent wardrobe on a shoestring. A pink linen dress can be casual at a summer lunch, office perfect showing its professional face or a stunner at a wedding. It all depends on your choices in clothing accessories.

Costume jewelry is fun and inexpensive and can set the mood of your costume. For example, for our pink linen dress, some bright enameled earrings and necklace in shades complimentary to the dress hue and a white fabric tote bag are perfect for that summer lunch date.

Scarves are another important clothing accessory. Made of silk, polyester or wool, you’ve got a world of possibilities to change one garment from a city slicker look to a day at the beach.

Handbags can present you with an entirely different image in your coordinated costume. Handbags should be coordinated with your shoes for a consistent look. They need not match, but should have the same feel of casual or dressy and be of similar color shades.

Gloves are equally versatile as well as practical. Freezing weather requires hand protection. Depending on your costume, they can be fur-lined leather or knitted woolies with a fun pattern.

If your budget won’t allow more clothes just now, make the most of what you do have with new clothing accessories.

Smart fashionistas update their look at the clothing accessories store.

Clothing accessories stores are busy places these days. All of us are trimming the budget in every possible way. The big shopping spree for clothes is, for most of us, a thing of the past. However, this doesn’t mean that your wardrobe can’t be chic and trendy. For the price of a good suit, you can visit the clothing accessories store and walk out with enough to completely revamp your look! Let’s see how you can work this miracle for your own wardrobe closet.

You might begin by perusing your closet with an eye to the colors you like best, as well as the clothes you wear most often. Do the same with your shoes and handbags. Let’s say you favor shades of blue, plum and carmine. Most of us seem to unconsciously gravitate towards colors in the same area of the color wheel. While you may have other garments outside this basic range, such as a bright red sweater, a glitzy party dress or the perennial LBD, you’ll find the majority to be in the clothes you wear most often. This provides a good starting point for updating your wardrobe at the clothing accessories store.

The types and styles of accessories which can change the look of any costume include scarves, belts, jewelry, hats and shoe ornaments. For example, a paisley silk scarf, in the right shades, may be worn with all of your favorite clothes, from jeans to that plum colored dress.

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Casual pieces of costume jewelry allow you to dress an outfit up or down. Ornate, Renaissance style necklaces and earrings can serve the same purpose. Ditto for gold or silver bangle bracelets.

With a magenta straw hat and a plum colored velvet hat, that carmine dress of a classic cut gives you two distinct looks. Teamed with appropriate jewelry, you wouldn’t think you’re wearing the same dress. Incidentally, neither wills you’re ‘public’!

When we think of belts, many of us tend to think of the same old leather belt with jeans. Clothing accessories stores are far more open minded on this front, with woven jute styles, rainbow and multicolored belts in an array of materials, as well as patterned and metal styles. Consider using a long, rectangular scarf as a belt!

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Shoe ornaments can be magical accessories, making a plain pump suited to both casual and dressy occasions. A retro Betty Boop shoe ornament and another of satin and rhinestones allows that one pair of shoes to travel to numerous settings, stylishly.

As you browse the clothing accessories store, keep these principles in mind. Sales clerks at these shops are often experts in matching accessories with your style and color preferences, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help.

As you can see, a trip to the clothing accessories store can bring your entire wardrobe up to date. Diversity is the key to a budget friendly, up to date look. It’s the little touches that make it happen.

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