Women’s shoe collections – pros and cons of buying cheap shoes.

The anatomy of women’s dress shoe collections

When women go shopping for fun, that is, other than to the grocery store, clothes and shoes top the list. Most women have more of both than they can wear in a month’s worth of different costumes, but despite that, there’s always room for more choices in the wardrobe. While clothing doesn’t usually cause pain (unless you’re into the corseted look), shoes all too often do.

Decades ago, women’s shoes were available in many more sizing options than they are today. You could be fitted for an extra narrow heel and a wide foot, all in one shoe. Now you’re lucky if you can find anything besides the length. No more AAA sizing for the extra narrow heel, or a B width for the fulsome foot. This usually works out all right with sandals or other casual shoes. However, when it comes to women’s dress shoes, it’s far more difficult.

Women's shoe collections

If you work in an office where you need to wear dress shoes frequently, or all of the time, you probably spend a lot of time pursuing the elusive, good-looking women’s dress shoes. You may have a dozen pair of attractive dress shoes in your closet, with nary a one that doesn’t have you soaking your painful, tired feet at the end of the day. Even if you wear dress shoes only occasionally, a painful shoe can wreak havoc with your enjoyment of the evening, because your feet are killing you! Finding the perfect pair of dress shoes requires the right shopping strategy.

Women’s dress shoes generally have certain characteristics, such as high heels, a classic design and a cut that fits snugly around your foot, for aesthetic reasons. The toe area is typically pointed, unlike your foot. The last of the dress shoe is quite rigid and unforgiving of the weight of your body. No flexibility such as is afforded by a comfy sneaker. Given that this is what you’ve got to work with, let’s see how you can find a woman’s dress shoe that accommodates your poor, aching feet, while satisfying the requirement for a dressy shoe.

The first step is to shop for high quality shoes. Yes, you’ll pay more, but isn’t having one truly comfortable pair a better alternative than buying three pairs that hurt? Another characteristic of women’s dress shoes is that they tend to come in the old stand-by colors: black, navy, beige and so on. If you could have only two pairs of good women’s dress shoes, you could get by and match those two up with just about everything in your dress wardrobe. So, get yourself to an exclusive shoe shop and see what you can find. One advantage of the upscale shoe salon is that they usually have shoe fitters who try very hard to please you and your feet. They stock pricey shoes, but you’ll find Spanish and Italian leathers that are soft as butter, with a last that flexes with the movement of your foot. Many shoe fitters will bend the shoe in half, to demonstrate the shoe’s quality. Such shoes are worth the price.

Expensive women’s dress shoes are usually simple in design, for a reason. They are meant to be decorated with shoe ornaments, clip-on adornments which can change the look of the shoe to suit the occasion. For example, a rhinestone studded shoe ornament is perfect for a night at the ballet. For a business meeting, you can wear them plain or use a simple shoe ornament. With sufficient ornamentation, you can have five shoes in one!

The other side of this story is anatomical. Cheap women’s dress shoes will ultimately produce bunions, hammertoes and never-ending pain. Buy quality women’s dress shoes for a classy look and comfortable feet!

The pros and cons of buying cheap shoes

When you need a new pair of shoes, does price play into your decision? Most people would say, “Sure, it does!” The trick knows when cheap shoes are your best value. In certain cases, you’re better off spending a little more. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the shoe purchase issue.

Men typically have a few pairs of shoes, but women tend to have as many as can fit in the closet. Men are usually best off investing in a well-made, albeit expensive pair of shoes. Men aren’t so much into the fashion aspect as durability and comfort. On the other hand, many women change shoes as often as they change hand bags. Women want a variety of styles, so their shoe repertoire offers many options for their costumes.

Let’s say you’re attending a wedding and need a pair of shoes to match that fancy dress. You may not wear these shoes but a few times. If you find the perfect match at a cheap shoe sale, take this factor into consideration. They’ll look great, but may not stand up to continuous wear. The cheap shoe may also be lacking in comfort. You make the choice. For just a few hours wear, why spend $100 on a shoe that will last, but you’ll not have the occasion to wear?

Casual shoes, like beach sandals, usually don’t warrant paying a high price. Cheap shoes are probably a good choice here. If you’re running around in the sand or digging in the garden, this sandal is going to sustain damage quickly. However, with a fancy pair of sandals, such as you might wear out partying or to the office, a better quality shoe will serve you better.

Women’s shoe collections video review

If you’re into sports, cheap shoes won’t do. Invest in shoes that will be comfortable and durable. So-called bargain hiking boots will be a waste of money. If you’re a runner, avoid the blisters. Just bite the bullet and pay the price of a good shoe. A good shoe will last many times longer than the bargain shoe.

When buying shoes for growing children, don’t buy cheap shoes. Buy the best you can afford. Children’s feet are growing and developing. These little feet need a good last to prevent flat feet, a comfortable fit for all that running around and good construction for protection against injuries during play. Poorly fitting shoes as a constant shoe diet can lead to bone deformities as well. Although kids outgrow shoes quickly, a better shoe is well worth the price.

So now you’ve got the basic rules on buying cheap shoes. There are plenty of occasions to take advantage of that BOGO shoe sale!

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