Star Trek XI

Captin Kirk, Spok, Scotty and co on the USS Enterprise. They’re all Psycho, and I’ve got the feeling there are some hidden undercurrents in their long adventure in deep space. I’d get Cabin Fever with this lot too :) Enjoy my perspective of the Star Trek Crew. If nothing else, it’s funky. Kirk and Spok are Spooky, but lovely. NOTICE : This track was created for the SMACK MY BITCH UP by the PRODIGY, however after 6 months and 4000 viewers, they slapped on a copyright and the video was pulled. I was with the Prodigy since their formation in 91 and now refuse to buy any more of their material in return. This is a non profit making fun video, and if they ban art, then we can reject them by return. Sorry I lost all respect for an act born from Anarchy. They have sold themselves. Anyway now enjoy the Videomix with a less attractive EUROBEAT, offered to me by Youtube and is copyright friendly. :)

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