Star Trek The Movie : WELCOMED!

I went to see the new Star Trek as it came out in IMAX. I humbly welcome the new “younger” crew of the starship Enterprise. I recommend everyone to go see it! Its amazing, though not like a usual Trek movie, its waaaay more modernized for the new Generation of viewer. This movie & the next planned sequel could verry well bring back Star Trek. Like Mount St. Helens, Star Trek was dormant, and now ITS EXPLODING! RifleMan80

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek The Movie : WELCOMED!

    • I like your comments. Star Trek II ushered in Star Trek’s “golden age” when for a while it was win after win. I think this movie could bring about another one.

    • That was an amazing ending to the vid. I also would have to agree with RifleMan. Star Trek was what had turned me into a “Trekkie.” Without it, I wouldn’t have my obsession.

    • @celticarchie roddenberry would be sad and hurt to see this war between fans if we dont all like this new trek then star trek will die and paramount will not go back ever again i wish this war would end please give it a chance

    • @luigi19987 Sadly I did give it a chance. I judged ST2009 on things like storytelling, writing, characterization, direction, style. Very basic elements that I’d judge any movie on, and it failed completely on that level. To ask it to comply to a level of “Trekkieness” would be unfair, so generally I don’t. ST won’t die just because some fans like a movie, and some don’t. Paramount has really little to do with keeping ST alive. That’s all down to the fans, and they’ve been doing that since 1969!

    • @celticarchie there are three ways star trek will die and not be resurected

      1. the fans dont wach star trek xii
      2.paramount decides to get rid of it altogether regardless of popularity
      3.abrams orci and kurtzman dont return and no new people are brought in

      other than walk away or be forced out the fans could do the next best thing and have a say on the next film which would help abrams decide where to take the story next not foregetting the timline is diffrent

    • “John Cho”….yes Mr. Sulu, he is him. I still can’t get my head around it, even 2 years later (holy shit…that long already?) , that this new Enterprise is actually bigger than anyother “prime” Enterprises. Well, you know what they say….anything is possible in space. :)

    • @celticarchie I agree. I did have high hopes for this film, but it was one of the worst I’ve ever “tried” to watch! It was actually painful to watch. Abrams made his version of Star Wars while playing in Gene Roddenberry’s universe.
      Lucas has nothing to worry about.
      Given the budget, Ed Wood could have made a better Star Trek movie than Abrams attempted. Abrams is an idiot. He has maybe, two more films before Paramount takes it away from him and gives it to someone who knows how to make films.

    • So many haters…

      I saw the film in theaters 5 times, 4 of them in IMAX.

      I had always hoped for a return of the TOS characters. I got what I wanted.

      The new Enterprise is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

      The part where Pike tells Kirk “You could settle for less in ordinary life. Or, perhaps you think you were made for something better? Something special?” helped me make up my mind and join the Army.

      Considering those facts, I’d say this film was pretty damn good.

    • @Actionguy1 I’m glad someone gets it! :D I’m not entirely sure which Star Wars he was ripping off, the 1977 classic, or the Spaghetti Sci-Fi rip-off version that he heard about by vague description, while underwater scuba diving.

    • Ship is ugly, movie was good action sci fi (meaning no plot, dubious acting, but whoo weee it had good effects), though it wasnt ST. Im if we scraped off the name “Enterprise” in the movie, it would say “Millenium Falcon Adjacent”…but this vid is cool!

    • @msbae ew,, The Constitution class was technically the first Star Trek ship (That we saw anyways)… and it was a marvel.. the refit was beyond beautiful by any comparion (The new sovereign class is pretty damned slick and beautiful too), but THIS… no, looks like something out of the Jetsons.

    • @Atowntrekkie Are you a “trekkie” to only this film though? If so.. Not to be a “hater” “rude” or what have you, then that’s not being a trekkie.. if you’ve begun to watch the original shows/movies and still enjoy it, kudos. Then that’s (finally) one good point towards this movie

    • @Leylaashley: Oh, no. This movie jump started me into fandome. My favorite series is Next Generation, I’ve watched most of TOS, I’m searching for DS9, and I’ve fallen in love with Voyager. Enterprise is something I watch regularly, and I’ve got all the movies. Trust me… I love this movie, but it’s not the sole reason for my being a Trekkie.

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