Your Questions About Fancy Dresses For Girls

Susan asks…

Super duper fancy Christmas dresses for little girls…?

I see all these elaborate Christmas dresses for toddlers and my MIL even bought one for each of my girls. They’re just so fancy I have no idea where they will wear them to. They seem to fancy for church even! Where do your little girls wear these fancy Christmas dresses?

Here’s an idea of the kind of dresses I’m talking about.


admin answers:

A dress that fancy is good for a holiday like Easter or Christmas church services. It is also good for pictures. Thats about it. A friend picked up a super fancy dress for my 3 yr old from a yard sale. She wore it for halloween with a crown from her dress up stuff.

Steven asks…

Fancy dress – film stars theme. Can you help me think up some ideas?

The ones I have come up with already are – Kill Bill, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Tomb Raider and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Can anyone else think up other good ones that would be good for fancy dress.
Girls costumes only needed. Thank you :))

admin answers:

Sex and the City (just finished watching..again)…though that would just involve dressing nicely.

Aeon Flux had some interesting costumes, though rather unfeasible. Ghostbusters is always classic…could do LOTR, or Harry Potter, another classic is Matrix, pretty much any superhero film.

Sorry a bit disorganised, just sorta let ideas leak out of my head. Theres some iconic James Bond villains, but then only works if you’re a guy.

Paul asks…

Girls fancy dress ideas for late teens?

I know some people are already going as –
the todd from scrubs
lady smurf
peter pan

I want something – not slutty – but “adult”. Or completely random and witty. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

one of the powerpuff girls
Marilyn Monroe
a bond girl
disney princess
french maid
cat woman
a nurse is always a classic

Maria asks…

Really good girls fancy dress outfits (my birthday’s fancy dress) Help me please!?

Need an outfit for a fancy dress party, my birthday :)
nothing too childish but nothing too OTT. open to any ideas.
needs to be original and eye catching..


admin answers:

Cat woman: a pear of leggings a tight tank top to some cat ears which u could probs get from the store and u could also buy a whip it loks really gud

miney mouse:
buy a polka dot dress and some ears

or u coud search the internet to search for costume shops near ur place and hire one

Charles asks…

am going to Leicester sq for my 21st @ start of may, group of girls going fancy dress, what are the best bars?

It is my 21st at beginning of may and there will be a group of us girls going fancy dress, theme – fame, roller disco, neon style that kinda thing. What are the best bars around leicester square that will allow us entry dressed like this and that have good atmosphere??

admin answers:

There is a club called sound. It’s easy to find because there will be promoters out. You can go in fancy dress cos me and my friends went in there with bunny ears and stuff. The drinks are a bit much. The music is commercial

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