Your Questions About Fancy Dress Uniform

Sharon asks…

What is a good idea for a uniform fancy dress outfit?

I need ideas for fancy dress party with the theme of uniform but something original – not the usual slutty policewoman, sailor, school girl etc. Also needs to be something I can do relatively easily and cheaply!! I thought of an air hostess or a thunderbird but I can find any hats because I can’t afford a whole outfit!!!

admin answers:

Try maybe being a chef or waitress. You can get those kinds of uniforms easily at If you get an apron and stuff, you can use it over again when you’re cooking at home. I figure you might as well get something that can serve multiple purposes!

I hope this helps.

Sandy asks…

where can i get a fancy dress cheerleading uniform like the cheerios wear in glee?

hey. i wanna dress up as a cheerio for halloween and would like the fancy dress costume any help ? ty 13 btw if that helps.

admin answers:

Hopefully, you mean cheerleading uniform! Well, you’re in luck because I found a uniform almost IDENTICAL to the ones on Glee.

Find the one that says VSF Catalog Pg: 57C below it.

Click on it. Then make the center red and the outside parts white. The stripes on the neckline should be white, black, white, red, white. Same with the bottom of the skirt. For the rest, just do white, black, white. The skirt should be all red except for the stripes.

When you order, order it so it say WMHS, similar to the design above.

Buy white tennis shoes and pom-poms and you are good to go!

I hope I helped!

Susan asks…

Is there anything in the universe LESS funny than having to wear a fancy dress uniform for an evening ?

Why do we do it ? It just isn’t funny ! I would prefer to stick forks in my eyes than go through that again. (although I did look rather dashing in my nurses uniform)

admin answers:

Lmao cause…………..

.. I don’t know lol wish i did

Chris asks…

school uniform fancy dress party poster ideas?

im making a poster for a bar we are having a school uniform fancy dress party at and i need to know where i can make vectorial characters on the net for my poster??? thanx
something like this:

admin answers:

Download a programme called illustrator that’s where they make the vectorial posters and they do look very Mediterranean and cool, sounds like a fun party enjoy :D

David asks…

Would you be offended at someone wearing a Nazi uniform to a fancy-dress party?

I went to a party the other evening wearing my sexy SS officers uniform and some people seemed to find it insensitive.

admin answers:

Hmmmmmmm, I don’t know about that….its your life, but I wouldn’t do it…its in extremely bad taste…do you know that is is illegal in Germany to wear a SS aka NAZI uniform!!!

And furthermore, I don’t think anything NAZI is “sexy”…just my thought….

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