Your Questions About Starcraft 2 Demo

Donna asks…

If my computer can run StarCraft 2 demo, then can it run the full version?

If my computer can run the StarCraft 2 demo, then can my computer run the full version?

admin answers:


Carol asks…

why are the graphics in the starcraft 2 demo way better than the starcraft 2 they’re selling now?

and is there anyway i can get a starcraft 2 game with the same awesome graphics as the demo?

admin answers:

I assume you mean in previews. This being said, those graphics are in the actual game IF your computer is good enough to handle the highest graphic settings. Many computers don’t have the graphic cards to handle the game’s graphics.

Lizzie asks…

How can I download and play the demo for Starcraft 2?

I’ ve heard around that there is a demo version that you can load and play for starcraft 2. If you know any websites that I can download it at please let me know! Thanks

admin answers:

There is no public demo for StarCraft 2 yet. Theres DEMO Videos, where they demonstrate gameplay but as of now, there is no Playable demo.

Sandra asks…

STARCRAFT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

is there a starcraft demo out yet? im praying an praying, and cant find one. but i c on the internet there are demo downloads, but i cant access the ones on the sites presented >.< (a torrent link would do the job help also) winner gets best answer!!!

admin answers:

I think Blizzard’s putting all of their effort into World of Warcraft right now.

William asks…

If my laptop can play starcraft 2 demo can it play the full game?

well I want to save up money for a better laptop but, my current one plays the demo fine

admin answers:

Well it depends on the laptop really but generally if you can play the demo fine ( no lagg) or freezing then i guess you should cope fine with the full version.

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