Your Questions About Fancy Dresses

Chris asks…

Where can I find event to wear all my fancy dresses to?

I always buy fancy dresses, and nice jewelery, even though have no where to wear them to.
Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can wear them to?
I live in Toronto, if that’s any help.
I don’t go clubbing, I’m talking about more formal type things.
Where do YOU get all dressed up to go?

admin answers:

Good Lord, I don’t, but here are some places where I know people do:

Charity balls (like the Black and White Ball, a benefit for the San Francisco Symphony)
Opening night at the opera
Opening night at the symphony

Steven asks…

My 19th birthday is coming up, I need some pictures of fancy dresses?

Im going to be legal on my 19th birthday in 2 weeks, im going to go downtown to a really classy and fancy bar so I want to look good! I love crazy patterns, and even some short fancy prom dresses would look cute too. I need pictures of dresses that are cute to wear, so please post links if possible :)

thaaaaaaanks !

admin answers:

Donna asks…

Where are good places to find fancy dresses (like to wear to a wedding) for someone in their mid 20’s?

I am looking for nice, fancy, cocktail-style dresses that are affordable. I have already looked at Macys, Dillards, and even some online “prom-dress style” places. Any ideas would be great!!!

admin answers:

Check this

John asks…

Where can tall skinny girls get long fancy dresses?

By tall I mean like 5’5 and 5’6. Where can I get long fancy dresses, with small boobs? Is there a store like that. I don’t want an online store and NO DRESSES ABOVE THE KNEES! In Everett or Snohomish Washington please. Thank you :)
Thanks but, I DON’T want an online store

admin answers:

There are so many good products in the market its really difficult to choose one but I made up my mind to choose this and guess what I am very much satisfied
Strapless Satin Mermaid Gown Dress Prom Bridesmaid Formal
polyester satin

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know some good stores that have fancy dresses?

I need a fancy dress for a party. Does anyone know any stores that have fancy dresses and purses

admin answers:

Try JCPenney. Last week Prom Dresses were like 50% off. That was in juniors…if you can fit in them, go to your local JCPenney and find one. Even if it’s a party, no one will know it’s a prom dress :)

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