Your Questions About Fancy Dresses For Toddlers

James asks…

how can i make my toddlers hair look black for a fancy dress party?

he as blonde hair but i don’t want to dye it obviously. is there any thing else i can do thats not harmful?

admin answers:

How about a hat …with black wool attached

Jenny asks…

how to dress up as a toddler for fancy dress?

my 11 year old son is attending a fancy dress party wer the theme is anything begining with the letter t, we have thought of several ideas and have found too many negatives for each one, so now we are thinking about dressing as a toddler, any ideas what to wear?

admin answers:

He wants to dress as a toddler? Ok!?

I think the little overalls look is the most common for people to associate with a toddler – but it is going to be hard, especially due to your son’s age.

I hope you don’t mind, but I think you should keep thinking about a different thing for him to dress as… Here are some ideas…
Trump (as in Donald)
Tired (pajamas maybe?!)
Thor (the thunder god)
Train Driver
Tourist (hat, camera, etc)
Tin Man (from the wizard of oz)
Taoist (you know the asian, monk kind of look)
Target (just paint a target on his shirt!)
Teal (the colour)
Tennis Player
Third (have a bronze medal)
Toy Soldier
etc, etc, etc…

Charles asks…

Where on earth can I get Fancy Dress Costumes for a One year old baby/toddler? ?

I am going to a Medieval Wedding in a week and a half, and I have been searching and searching for a costume for my one year old baby. Apparently, no one in the entire world does medieval style fancy dress for babies. The only think I have found that comes close is a Fiona outfit from Shrek:


Does anyone know a UK site that sells or hires toddler fancy dress costumes? Everywhere seems to start at 3 years old, and that’s just too big.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, please don’t tell me I am leaving it too late, i’ve been searching for about 3 months!!

Thanks very much xxx
Have tried ebay, but can’t seem to find anything on there. The custom items I have found are all based in the USA and won’t get here in time.

I should have ordered one ages ago I know :o( I might give making one a go, but unfortunately, I live on a tiny Island and we have hardly any shops over here so i’m going to find it tricky! That’s why I always rely on the internet! :o)

admin answers:

Do you know anyone who sews? Of a decently priced seamstress near you. I sew, and it really wouldn’t be too difficult to make one. You could always look into that for an option.(they could take a dress pattern, and make a few alterations to it.)
I just looked at the fiiona dress- that is quite cute!!!

Mark asks…

Do you get a fancy Easter dress for your daughter each year?

Or just have her wear a sundress?
I’m not into the super frilly over the top girly stuff and my toddler doesn’t care either way.
I’m thinking she’ll just wear one of her usual cute dresses that she’d wear any other Sunday.
What are you doing?

admin answers:

Usually we don’t do much on Easter but stay home and we don’t have much family visiting because everyone is out of state. In the past we haven’t even gone to church but this year we will. So usually I don’t care what the kids wear. It’s sad because I remember getting all dressed up for Easter but what’s the point of getting dressed just to stay home and eat ham??

But this year we had 3 different spring occasions for a pretty dress AND the family will be together at our house!! So this year DD has a nice dress.

Maria asks…

What are the best sources for baby clothing from the 12 months to 2 year age?

I am a first time mom whose 4 month old is just out grown her 3-6 clothing. It is so hard to even purchase 2 months ahead (I keep all receipts and leave the tags on instead of pulling them all off and washing items…learned lesson). It is always hard to buy in season even for a baby unless you want the leftovers. I am finding that there is very little in the 9-12 month category as babies seem to be between infant and toddler stage. I am also frustrated as we are going on a cruise at the very end of April and I am struggling between 6-9 and 12 months for clothing (I am stuck with tons of summer clothing in the 6-9 range and I fear that will be too small). Department stores do not have any fancy dresses in the 6-9 or 12 month. We have a Carter’s outlet (which is nice as they take back tagged items forever). I have also purchased basics at Target, Walmart, Kohls and Macy’s. I can not find many pjs in th 12 month range as well. Any input would be appreciated!!!

Thank you

admin answers:

Try E-bay or a good second hand store (Once upon a Time is a good one). Becasue children grow out of sizes so fast you can usually get some really cute/nice used stuff if you take time to look. Babies R Us is good for in store shopping. If you have to, go a little big…at least you know she will eventually grow into it.

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