Your Questions About Fancy Dresses For Little Girls

Ruth asks…

Cute Little Girls Dresses?

Hello! As I said in my previous question, my little sister (Emilia who is ten) has a fascination with old-fashioned (Victorian or other) girls dresses. There are no answers that come up good so please suggest something from this short sum up. Once again, not trying to be picky but I have an extremely hard time finding things.

I DO NOT want any suggestions for
*Halloween costumes since they are very cheap quality and never historically accurate (for example if you type in girls victorian dress in a costume store, you are going to get some dress made of cheap scratchy material with an ugly bodice that looks like a medieval peasant girl who got mistaken for a maid and still has some of her ugly maid items AND IF YOU SUGGEST THAT THE MATERIAL USED IN THE DRESS IS NOT SCRATCHY, IT WILL STILL BE AN UGLY HISTORICALLY INACCURATE MESS WHETHER THE MATERIAL IS CHEAP OR NOT!)
*Mainstream stores like JC Penny, Walmart, or Limited Too or other things. They do not have what I am looking for.
* Anything too pricy, sure I can always save up but the cheaper the price the better.
*Japanese Loli-fashion (which doesn’t involve anything sexy or not age-appropriate, they are frilly dresses that are supposed to look like Marie Antoinette), she has plenty, has spent enough money (ONE BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT DRESS=$150 OR MORE), and is plenty satisfied.
*Sewing patterns, although they are pretty and a good example of what I’m looking for in some cases, I do not know how to sew and neither does anyone in my family and tailors in my area want up to $400 for what I am needing since we had a Tsukasa cosplay commisioned for her that cost $100 for just a simple middy blouse and simple knee-length skirt. And learning how to sew can take a long time as well.
*The adult style of Victorian or other old-fashioned dresses since her fascination is the children’s style (middies, pinafores, lacy dresses, anything fancy and old-fashioned)
*Glitzy pageant dresses, my sister is not a prostitot.
*Rozen Maiden-cosplays not what we’re looking for ATM
*American doesn’t carry Samantha dresses ANYMORE so suggestions
*Don’t say IDK or Just Google it, I spent hours of research trying to find the right thing.

What I am looking for:
*Ever seen Shirley Temple in her like The Little Princess, The Littlest Rebel, and Heidi? The overflow of lace and that cute and childish sparkle to them? Exactly what we’re looking for!
*Anything knee-length and old-fashioned basically.
*American Girl dolls (Samantha, Nellie, Addy, and Kirsten) are other good examples as well as The Life of Faith dolls (Elsie, Violet, Katherine, Millie, and Laylie).
*Another great example is character’s from classic literature like Sara Crewe, Mary Lennox, Anne Shirley, Amy March, Rebecca Randall, Alice, and Heidi.
*Middies, pinafores, and lacy dresses with an old-fashioned feel to them.

I’d really like it very much if someone answered, thank you -curtsies-

admin answers:

I hope I can help! If you can sew you could make her one if not you could see if someone else would do it for you. I use this site all the time while making my Victorian dresses,they are very accurate! Maybe you could go to the children’s clothes and ask if they would make something for you,or if they have something one of their kids have grown out of.

Carol asks…

I can’t find sewing patterns for little girl’s fancy dresses, for pageants, Christmas, etc., where can I find

admin answers:

Jo-Ann Fabrics? They have, like, every pattern on earth.

Donald asks…

Anyone recall… Dresses for little girls w/ bell in the hem?

My mom and I were talking and she was telling me about a brand of dress she always wanted to get me when I was little, but she can’t recall the maker. They were fancy infant/toddler dresses and there was a bell sewn in the hem.

Would love to know the brand name.

Just FYI…I was born in 1974 (just to give you a time frame).

admin answers:

I’m thinking Martha Miniature. Hope that helps!

Edit: Yep, that’s it! It took a little bit of searching but that was the line. Ps. They still make clothing today but I couldn’t find a website.

Here is an e-bay listing selling one of the pieces. If yous scroll down and read it says this dress may or may not have bell.

Betty asks…

fancy dress ideas for 2year old and 7 month old little girls. would like them to be themed together?

admin answers:

What about Smurfs?

I think you can get both baby and young child versions of the costumes:

With a bit of shopping around I’m sure someone will have the perfect sizes.

Steven asks…

When do little girls stop liking to play dress-up?

I had planned to make a fancy dress-up chest for my niece years ago and never got around to it. She is now 9 but she goes to a private school and hasn’t gotten in to any of the “teenage stuff” yet. I want it to be a surprise if I do it so I don’t want to ask her Mom. Anyone with girls out there have any advice if I should still do this? Thanks!

admin answers:

It depends on the individual child. Some children outgrow such games once they leave primary school while others still enjoy it right into their teens as they are not so desperate to grow up too soon.

I’d still do this chest as she might enjoy this kind of activity (sometimes, it’s a relief for a child to be treated like a child instead of being expected to act like an adolescent just because they’ve reached ten) but do be prepared for the fact she may be coming to the stage of out-growing this. Don’t spend too much.

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