Your Questions About Fancy Dress Up Games

Donald asks…

Fancy Dress Video Games ideas?!?

got my 21st coming up. decided on fancy dress theme of video/computer games.
i was looking at Halo Costumes but their well expensive and there doesn’t seem to be a website around with a section just for computer games :P
help me out?!

admin answers:

Go as mario, that would be easy.
Or sonic the hedgehog, paint yourself blue with some spikes sellotaped to your back, you’d look the nuts.

Mark asks…

fanciest dressed up outfit and boots you ever wore to your kids school sports games – dressed up soccer moms?

what is the fanciest dress or skirt outfit or skirt suit and blouse or jumpsuit you ever wore with boots to watch your kids play sports for there school
was it all new – ie the outfit and boots
and were you able to stay clean – ie no stains
or did you stain and or ruin it
and how did it happen

admin answers:

My wife does that all the time and she stays clean. Nothing happens.

John asks…

How to dress fancy but comfortable?

For my volleyball team we have to come to school dressed up for away games. The only thing is our first away game is on the same day as freshman orientation. When I got the letter for orientation it says to dress comfortably because we’re going to be playing outside games, AND I still have to follow dress code (bottoms must reach your finger tips, 1 inch straps) What the heck am I supposed to wear?
*I can’t wear jeans.
*I have to wear black (for our groups at orientation)

admin answers:

Wear a tank top with jeans, or a fancy shirt with jeans, with some nice flats.

I would recommed a skirt, but that looks wierd while playing volleyball

Mandy asks…

Can you make a dress up game without Flash?

I really want to learn how but I’m NOT coughing up $500 bucks for a
fancy program. Any help?

BONUS: Can you draw all of your dress up game in Paint.NET and then make a dress up out of it? Or do you have to draw it in Flash?
Hmm…I’ve looked on the internet but it seems as if theres only Flash…

admin answers:

Flash would be your best bet. You can download a free trial at macromedia’s web site. It lasts 30 days, so that should be plenty of time to finish your dress-up game.

You can draw them in paint. You just need to save each as a bitmap and import them into flash using CONTROL + R

Mary asks…

What are some good themes for a fancy dress party?

I would like to dress up as Princess Peach as I have her hair apparantly… and someone suggested that it should be games characters themed. But I thought that could be a hard one for people, and I don’t know if I should leave the fancy dress unthemed… what do you think? What are some other unique themes?

admin answers:

Winter wonderland

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Others Halloween start trek fancy dress costumes sites online.

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