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Lisa asks…

Famous rock and roll stars to dress up as for a fancy dress party.?

I am going to a fancy party and the theme is rock and roll and I don’t know who to dress up as. I need a female preferably quite contemporary but it doesn’t matter.

admin answers:

This website has a whole category dedicated to music legends. It may help you find a perfect costume. Hope it helps

Mark asks…

What makeup for a fancy dress party to go with my costume?

Im going to a fancy dress party as a gingerbread girl :) (ie- brown t-shirt with gumdrop buttons on it, brown shorts and dolly shoes, kind of thing)
I want my makeup to match outfit, and have pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.
I dont want makeup to look over the top but fun :)
Would blue eyeshadow be too bold? What shades should i go for?

admin answers:

How bout you do a blue eyeliner ,, like find a shimmery shade of blue eyeshadow get a fine (thin) liner brush wet the brush and drag it along the shadow ,, PRESTO eyeliner!, i love wearing it like this (this is how it is in my pro pix),, i usually take the blue liner pencil for the outside of my eye and wing it out just a lil bit and put lotsa mascara and use the blue liner for the top and bottom water line(the inside line of your eye) .

Betty asks…

What should i wear to a fancy dress party?

I am going to a fancy dress party it is being held by the guy i like so i need to look good. it is going be a party where everyone dresses like a s l u t, however i want to have a unique outfit idea. any original ideas, although i still want it to be reasonable short and revealing ?

admin answers:

Hi Daisy,

Well depending on what you’re looking for, we have quite a fancy dress selection at our new Halloween store:

There are some unique ones on there and, if you add a few accessories you already may have, you can put a fun spin on some of the more normal costume ideas (ex: turning anything into a zombie outfit by adding some whiteish makeup). And with what we have you can go as skimpy as you want but there is plenty of room to be clever too.

Have a great time at your party!
Nicole from Fancy Dress Clothing

Donna asks…

What could I wear to a fancy dress party?

Hey, I’m 14, female, have long blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a fancy dress party coming up in about 20 days, and am racking my brains for costume ideas, but can’t think of anything unique or cute! The party has no theme other than fancy dress. Some of my friends have already got really inventive ideas such as Where’s Wally and stuff :( Please help me!

admin answers:

Check out these blogs, some funny and clever ideas in here:

Movie and TV Character Costumes:
Funny Costumes:

Ruth asks…

What shall i wear to the fancy dress party?

Im going to a fancy dress party where you have to go as something begining with S what shall i go as ?

admin answers:

Serena Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

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Others Halloween start trek fancy dress costumes sites online.

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