Your Questions About Colored Contacts

James asks…

Colored contacts?

I want to try some colored contacts. I have dark brown/reddish undertone hair and tan skin. My current eye color is brown and I wear the acuve one a days. I am interested in playing around with colors but not sure which color would look best on me????

admin answers:

My sister has brown eyes and hair, and tan skin… She looks beautiful with grey and green…i have brown eyes, brown and blonde hair, and tan skin…. I have turquoise, bright blue and green… They will let you try colored sample ones on so you can pick the right one, everyone looks different with colored contacts… Everyones face frame and things like that are different, plus the color of makeup you wear. The people there will help you pick out the perfect color…. You can try on as many as you want

Donald asks…

Colored Contacts?

I have blue/green eyes and would like to use colored contacts to make them a sort of honey color. The problem is that from the looks of the websites I’ve visited, you can really only do your eye color to a variation of your eye color. Is that true? And if it isn’t, any suggestions on what contacts i should get?
Oh, and these are for a costume.

admin answers:


try this site it should help^^

hope this helps..

John asks…

colored contacts?

I dont know if any of you guys know.. but I was wondering for people who wear acuve hydro oysas can they wear colored contacts and what kind of colored contacts. I would ask my docotr but whenever I go there its always hectic and I dont want to wait for 30 mins just to get her advice for a 2 min thing.

admin answers:

I think colored contacts are really cool. If they won’t change your eye color that much, I wouldn’t waste your time and money on them, though. They cost more money than the usual ones. You can get colored contacts for almost any perscription (unless you have a really strong one, I think). I would research it on the Internet, then bring what you’ve found to the optometrist’s office when you go. This way you’ll already have some knowledge on it, and he won’t have to spend forever explaining them.

Laura asks…


anybody know a brand of colored contacts that make ur eyes actually look like there that color cuz i have brown eyes and everybrand ive tride so far doesnt look real any suggestions for real looking ones

admin answers:

You should go the your eye doctor. They usually have testers you can try on.

Good luck:)

Mary asks…

COLORED contacts??!?

yeah im getting hazle colored contacts– but the ones that arent for vision because i have 20/20- anyone know were i cna get good ones that look natural and that arent for vision? is acuvue2color good? how much are they?


admin answers:

These are fun for a while, but not a great idea for your eyes especially if you don’t need them for vision correction. Some products have been recalled that you rinse your lenses with or disinfect them with because of bacteria and if you aren’t careful with your handling of the lenses you can get eye infections from dirt on your hands. If you want them for a short time for a fun thing, I would get disposable lenses and wear them and throw them away. That way you are not reusing them and risking injury to your eyes or long term damage to your vision. Just a suggestion from someone who has worn contacts for vision correction for many years.

PS Usually the color eyes you are born with are the best color for you. They match your coloring, and the other ones really don’t look very natural. I went from my blue/green/gray eyes to a hazel lens and when I had my blond hair colored red, everyone thought they were natural, but when my hair is it’s natural color, it looks more natural with clear lenses.

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