Your Questions About Colored Contacts Walmart

Mark asks…

Can you get colored contacts from walmart without a prescription?

Im trying to get colored contacts i have perfect Vision 20/20 but like i don’t know if u can get them at Walmart ill go threw tests n stuff to get them but i just wondered if u can get them at Walmart and if you needed a prescription.

Please Help me.

admin answers:

I dunno what those last 2 are talking about but you can’t get contacts without a prescription.

Walmart will have them, IF they have an optical department , but you still need a prescription from an optometrist.

Daniel asks…

what is the process of buying colored contacts at walmart?

like can i just go there and get it and leave or will they do test and stuff,also will they give me the color contacts in that same day even do they sell gray ones at walmart,also what if it is your first time using colored contacts sorry but again can i just say hey i want colored contacts and leave ?
can i get the eye exam at walmart the same day ?

admin answers:

You would need an eye exam and a fitting done.

You have to be taught how to put them on and off and how to care for them.

Jenny asks…

How much are prescribed colored contacts at walmart?

I already have a prescription and I don’t need to go for an exam.

admin answers:

That would depend on what brand they are.

Joseph asks…

Can you buy colored contacts from walmart over the counter?

admin answers:

No. You need a current prescription.

Helen asks…

How much are the colored contacts at WALMART?

And do you need a pescription for them??? Cause I just want them for the color, NOT for seeing..

admin answers:

I’m not sure, but some places sell them for cosmetic.

And some places require perscription.

You can find places selling them with 0.00 prescription

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