Your Questions About Colored Contacts Prescription

Daniel asks…

Can wearing weaker prescription colored contacts hurt your eyes?

I used to wear colored contacts, but got a new prescription in clear. I tried to re-order colored contacts through my eye doctor, but they said that I was now a 450 and 4 was the highest that colored contacts went. Is it okay to wear my old colored contact prescription?

admin answers:

Wearing a weaker prescription will not cause any permanent damage to your eyes. The worse that could happen is, you may get a headache from eyestrain.

David asks…

Can you use a normal contacts prescription to get prescription colored contacts?

i have a presciption for normal contacts, but now would like to get colored lenses, do i need to get a separate prescription for the colored lenses? thanks for the help!

admin answers:

You do. CL prescription only fits that specific type of lens the doctor tried on you. Different companies have different parameters or measurements. So you would probably need another exam.

Richard asks…

Where can i buy colored prescription contacts?

im looking for a good place to buy prescription colored contacts, some place with a good price and is safe. i have my prescription so i could buy them online. please help! thanks :)

admin answers:

Number one, color contact lenses are the worst lenses you can wear health wise, comfort wise, and vision wise. Secondly, all contact lenses require a doctor’s prescription or are otherwise sold illegally to you.

There’s really no such thing as good colored contact lenses, unfortunately. We try to discourage all patients from wearing colored contact lenses. The material used is over 15 years old – new material for contact lenses is a silicone hydrogel material that they have not been successful getting to tint. The old material lets very little oxygen through and are extremely unhealthy for your cornea. Not to mention vision through them tends to be poor. Last week I had a lady that had been wearing them who had so much scarring on her corneas from lack of oxygen that she will never be able to wear contact lenses again and may eventually need a corneal transplant.

I work in an office with a corneal specialist/surgeon and we recently had a patient who had bought some “non-prescription cheap colored contacts” and after having them for only 3 days she developed an infection called acanthamoeba (look up pictures of a acanthamoeba infection). Even with the best and strongest treatment available, she was in severe pain for weeks (literally could do nothing but sleep with blankets over her head in the darkest room even when on pain meds) and eventually he had to perform an emergency corneal transplant. Meaning, her cornea was not able to be saved and they had to find a donor organ and transplant that onto her eye. Her eye is permanently damaged due to a stupid decision on her part. Don’t make stupid decisions that could hurt you for the rest of your life.

Nancy asks…

How to care for non-prescription colored contacts?

I have some colored contacts, and I was wondering how to care for them… Are they the same for regular, prescription contacts? And where do i get contact solution..?

admin answers:

You would care for them the same way you would normal prescription contacts. You can get solution pretty much anywhere. Most grocery stores have it and pharmacies have it as well.

Mary asks…

When u first get prescription contacts can they be colored?

I am a 13 yr old girl and my mom said i can get prescription contacts and ive been wearing contacts and glasses but the contacts were just color so if i know how to put thm in can i still start off with colored prescription contacts?

admin answers:

Well it is heathier for your eyes to get the regular kind of contacts first because the colored ones are thicker. Then the next step up is an extremly thick colored contact. For me example, i have dark brown eyes so if i got blu or green colored contacts my eyes would look hazel. Buy the extremly thick ones are SSSUUUUPPPEEERRR expinsive (like $500) but if i wanted my eyes to be baby blue, they would be the bluest blue wyou ever saw. Keep your eyes healthy and start off with regular contacs and work your way to colored.

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