Your Questions About Colored Contacts Non Prescription

Charles asks…

where can i get good quality colored contacts (non prescription) for cheap?

i’m looking for colored contacts but i don’t have 100$ to spend on them i want to know where i can get non prescription colored contacts for a low price

admin answers:

There is a site online where you can purchase GEO Colored Contacts for $20 a pair w/ free shipping! The contacts come in green, blue and purple currently! Email me for details!

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know any good online websites where I could buy non-prescription colored contacts?

I really want red nonprescription contacts anyone know any good websites you’ve ordered from??

admin answers:

Number one, color contact lenses are the worst lenses you can wear health wise, comfort wise, and vision wise. Secondly, all contact lenses require a doctor’s prescription or are otherwise sold illegally to you.

There’s really no such thing as good colored contact lenses, unfortunately. We try to discourage all patients from wearing colored contact lenses. The material used is over 15 years old – new material for contact lenses is a silicone hydrogel material that they have not been successful getting to tint. The old material lets very little oxygen through and are extremely unhealthy for your cornea. Not to mention vision through them tends to be poor. Last week I had a lady that had been wearing them who had so much scarring on her corneas from lack of oxygen that she will never be able to wear contact lenses again and may eventually need a corneal transplant.

I work in an office with a corneal specialist/surgeon and we recently had a patient who had bought some “non-prescription cheap colored contacts” and after having them for only 3 days she developed an infection called acanthamoeba (look up pictures of a acanthamoeba infection). Even with the best and strongest treatment available, she was in severe pain for weeks (literally could do nothing but sleep with blankets over her head in the darkest room even when on pain meds) and eventually he had to perform an emergency corneal transplant. Meaning, her cornea was not able to be saved and they had to find a donor organ and transplant that onto her eye. Her eye is permanently damaged due to a stupid decision on her part. Don’t make stupid decisions that could hurt you for the rest of your life.

James asks…

Would wearing non prescription colored contacts with my glasses damage my eyes?

I have been thinking about buying these colored contacts: but I have poor eyesight so I need to wear glasses. Should I get prescription contacts (even though I prefer to wear my glasses considering I just want color, not to see with them on) or is it safe for me to use my glasses with the non prescription contacts? :)

admin answers:

You can wear non perscription coloured contacts with glasses , however any contacts need to be fitted to be safe. So you would essentially be paying for the fitting but not using a perscription lens. If you are going to do that I’d suggest that you speak to the fitter, explain what you want , but ask for trials both of perscription and non-perscription lenses. You can then see what works for you and see if your decision not to wear perscription contacts is really the one you want. You could also have soem perscription and some non-perscription so you can use either.

Remember though that contacts can’t be worn all day and coloured contacts typically have a lower safe wearing time than clear, so people will be seeing your natural eye colour.

Linda asks…

Does anyone know where I can get non-prescription colored contacts and how much?

I’m looking for a place to get Freshlook or Acuvue 2 color contacts. I read that it’s legal to buy them if they are nonprescription, but most places want me to get a contact lens exam, but they are like $150!!! And they do the same thing as a regular eye exam. I don’t need any vision correction, can someone help me, please?

admin answers:

Just order online, when they ask what the prescription is just put 0 and get one box. I have a link for Acuvue.
This is why you want to go to a doctor for them: the drop down for BC on that site. Its the size of your eye, and it makes the lens fit better. I got Freshlook online without a prescription, and they would move around my eye a lot and look really creepy, probably because of this.
this site just tells about the lenses, and shows that you don’t need a prescription.
And this site takes your picture and tries different colored eyes on you.

Helen asks…

Where can you buy Non prescription Colored Contacts?

I want to buy those non prescription colored contacts where it DOESNT change your eyesight but it changes the color of your eyes. Any stores like wal mart, target, cvs, etc that would sell them??

admin answers:

All stores have them.. And you are often able to buy them from eye places without the prescription… They will just been fitted to your eye for a more comfortable feel unlike retail stores who are selling them and are cutting eyeballs and etc..

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