Your Questions About Colored Contacts Non Prescription Cheap

Sharon asks…

Where is the best place to buy non prescription contacts on line for cheap?

I just want colored non prescription contacts for cheap. Where are some sites that sell them for cheap? By cheap I mean like under $30. The cheaper the better.

admin answers:

First of all. ALL contact lenses LEGALLY sold require a prescription. It does not matter if they have any prescriptive power or not. There are steepness numbers and diameter numbers that require measurements form a Doctor. Putting cheap things sold illegally in your eye is dangerous. I just do not think it is worth risking your eye health to put something like that in my eye. I have no idea where to buy what you are asking for, because it is unsafe and unhealthy, I would never look for something like that at all.

Laura asks…

where can i get cheap but good colored contacts(non prescription)?

admin answers:
they are approved by the geo thingy and thats where i got my 3 off em and they never disappoint me(:

Paul asks…

Where can I find colored non-prescription contacts? (for cheap)?

Thanks for the help!


admin answers:

Walmart has a lot of different kinds (including colored). They’re pretty cheap, and if you order online, definitely don’t require a prescription. I get my contacts from Also, there’s, which is a little more expensive, but might have more varieties.

Maria asks…

Non-prescription colored contacts?

Okay, so i want to buy CHEAP(as cheap as possible) nonprescription colored contacts. I want my green eyes to be a lighter green and to pop! I do not want to buy them online, i want to go in a store and buy them. any suggestions? PLEASE HELP! i need them by monday!!

admin answers:

You can try

Lizzie asks…

where can i order cheap, like less than $20 a pair, non-prescription brand name colored contacts online?

or find a store in my area that sells it
somewhere where i dont have to go to a doc and get them fitted

admin answers:

Ok piece of advice. When it comes to things like contacts, cheap isn’t better. Lets face it, you’re gonna be putting them in your eye and you only have two. I would spend just a little more money to ensure that you get a good brand of them.

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