Your Questions About Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes

Daniel asks…

Colored contacts for brown eyes that don’t look completely fake?!?

I don’t want those colored contacts that look really fake. those really bold ones, you know? I don’t like those. What brand should I try? Any info will really go a long way. Are opaque lenses the only ones that show on brown eyes?

admin answers:


Ken asks…

What is the best brand of colored contacts for Darkish brown eyes?

I need the brand that looks best and not fake on brown eyes.
i have darkish brown and i want light blue or really light green.
thanks in advance(:

admin answers:

Honestly colored contacts only work if you have lighter eyes and want to get darker eyes. It doesn’t work for dark–>light colored eyes. If you do try, it’ll make your eyes look kinda grey or just like a swampy-color because your eyes are dark brown to begin with.

Lizzie asks…

colored contacts for brown eyes?

I have brown hair with natural red highlights.
a fair-medium skin tone.
my eyes are a greenish/light brown.

I want to try colored contacts, Im not sure what color will look good. I really want a ice blue/grey color, but i think that might look odd.

Can you please give your opinion and/or personal story, PICTURES of before and after you got your contacts would be greaaaattt.
(just ur eyes if you dont want to post the whole picture, just crop it)

thankss so much!!

admin answers:

I don’t have any pictures to share but you may want to talk to your optometrist about your color options. I know with mine they had samples there and I was able to try on the lens I was about to purchase.
I’ve seen people with the gray lens and they look fabulous! Ice blue sounds like it would be cute too.
If your optometrist doesn’t offer a trial pair, you could try putting a pic of yourself on your computer’s paint (or similar program). Then find some contact colors you like and use the fill tool to color your eyes that way. It won’t be a perfect result but it could give you an idea.

Carol asks…

Good colored contacts for brown eyes and brown skin?

What color would look nice , people have said dark amber , hazel , gray etc any others or which one would suit me best thank you :)

admin answers:

Golden hazel, or hazel-green. I love those eye colors. And, they would look AU-MAZINGG on you :)

Paul asks…

what colored contacts would be best for brown eyes?

im giving myself a makeover. i need to build up my self confidence again. lost it due to depression.
i have brown eyes. black hair. olive skin? i want to change the color of my eyes. im learning to do eye makeup.
can anyone help me?
what color contacts will cover up brown eyes and wont make it look too “fake” ?
and where can i get them?!

admin answers:

I think Hazel is good.

My eyes are dark brown and i have light brown and hazel contacts.
Their the only ones that look almost completely natural on me.

You can try Grey. You can wear lighter colours if you have dark eyes or dark skin. Make sure too much of your natural eye colour cant be seen near the pupil area. Some contact lens are way too wide around the pupil area and that is what gives off the fake look. So look for Lens that dont show too much and are not too obnoxious(icy blue etc)

You just have to try them out. Go through a few different brands not just one.
Its okay if a little bit of your natural eye colour does show through the lens.

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