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Helen asks…

Where can I get cheap colored contacts?

Not necessarily cheap..I found a site for colored contacts for around $30, so if you have anything cheaper than that, I wanna know about it. Blue or Green contacts, and I have Brown eyes. And do you have to have a prescription to get colored contacts?

admin answers:

I’ve been wearing contacts for about 3 years now; first I had just clear prescription, then I got prescription/colored. You don’t necessarily need a prescription to get colored contacts.. I should warn you though, don’t go buying contacts from any place. Your eyes have a certain curvature, and diameter unique to itself. If you don’t already know what they are then don’t rush and buy the contacts, because it’s going to hurt like hell once you put them in and it could really mess up your eyes (and also be a waste of your money). Anyway, I have brown eyes too and wear the same color contacts that you want (blue and green). I get mine from Costco.. They can measure your eyes there, and the contacts are about $30 for me – my contacts are prescription also though, so for you they might be less. Hope this helped, good luck!(:

Sharon asks…

Where can i get cheap colored contacts in the us?

Im on of those VampKids and yes i do where vampire fangs around. But i need to find colored contacts that r cheap and can get in the us so please iv’e cheaked almost ever site so please need help right away

admin answers:

Plenty of them here:

Nancy asks…

What online store sells colored contacts for cheap and accept PayPal?

I have money on my PayPal and I want some colored contacts and I cant find a store to buy the from that sell them for cheap. And they have to accept PayPal!!

admin answers:

Number one, color contact lenses are the worst lenses you can wear health wise, comfort wise, and vision wise. Secondly, all contact lenses require a doctor’s prescription or are otherwise sold illegally to you.

There’s really no such thing as good colored contact lenses, unfortunately. We try to discourage all patients from wearing colored contact lenses. The material used is over 15 years old – new material for contact lenses is a silicone hydrogel material that they have not been successful getting to tint. The old material lets very little oxygen through and are extremely unhealthy for your cornea. Not to mention vision through them tends to be poor. Last week I had a lady that had been wearing them who had so much scarring on her corneas from lack of oxygen that she will never be able to wear contact lenses again and may eventually need a corneal transplant.

I work in an office with a corneal specialist/surgeon and we recently had a patient who had bought some “non-prescription cheap colored contacts” and after having them for only 3 days she developed an infection called acanthamoeba (look up pictures of a acanthamoeba infection). Even with the best and strongest treatment available, she was in severe pain for weeks (literally could do nothing but sleep with blankets over her head in the darkest room even when on pain meds) and eventually he had to perform an emergency corneal transplant. Meaning, her cornea was not able to be saved and they had to find a donor organ and transplant that onto her eye. Her eye is permanently damaged due to a stupid decision on her part. Don’t make stupid decisions that could hurt you for the rest of your life.

Donald asks…

Where Can I Get Good But Cheap Colored Contacts?

Lately I’ve been interested in Color Contacts But some are to much money and i don’t want to get them through the internet is there like a store in Michigan I Can get them at? and its really cheap?

admin answers:

Get a trial sample from your optometrist. They are not just a toy, to buy @ Walgreen, Target, etc.

Be kind to your eyes! Putting something foreign in your eyes can cause blindness. The FDA has received reports of corneal ulcers and blindness associated with some decorative contact lenses. You need to get a doctor’s prescriptions and proper eyecare, you just can’t buy them online, it’s buyer beware.

An example of one with eye problem:
“I always wear clear contact lens because I’m far sighted
A year ago I tried to use the colored ones and they never done any damage to my eyes
Earlier this year I decided to go back using the clear ones
And now everytime I use colored lenses, there are irritations around my pupils
I thought it was the brand I was using but I kept on switching the brands and there will always irritations if I use color lenses.”

Go to the FDA website & search Decorative Contact Lenses: Is Your Vision Worth It?

ALSO: Re: contact cleaners . . . . Promoted as “clinically proven #1 in comfort,” Clear Care lens cleaner’s product label is allegedly not clear enough about the dangers of improper use—resulting in hundreds of eye injuries, according to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a nonprofit safety group that has been lobbying for stronger Clear Care product warning labeling since 2010.

Sources: the site had been moved

Chris asks…

where can i find cheap colored contacts?

i want to find some colored contacts if u now where i can find some cheap nice colored contacts i will appreciate it i u tell me.

admin answers:

Walmart optical

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