William Shatner Responds to Star Trek Director JJ Abrams

In a recent article Director JJ Abrams talked about the reasons why William Shatner is not in the new Star Trek Movie. William Shatner responds to the statements in this video.

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25 thoughts on “William Shatner Responds to Star Trek Director JJ Abrams

  • It’s too bad Shatner was willing to be in “Generations”. The world would have been much better off if he turned down that role.

  • He took Kirk’s dead body, put it in the transporter, reassembled the molecules and such, and out comes living Kirk? …………..GENIUS!!!

  • I haven’t seen any of the nu!series (I have little to no desire to do so at this point, given what I know of the movie so far) but I will definitely, definitely watch the presumed sequel if ShatnerKirk and NimoySpock are reunited (bonus if they have a substantial part). I really hope the next director makes this happen. As far as I’m concerned, it will be the only redeeming factor of this Star Trek resurrection.

  • @charlesvan13 that wasnt his fault it was the producers for still stupiditly dropping the star trek 2 music. the goldsmith/horner music should ahve been left alone, generations music sucked. star trek hasnt been right since five, prefering 1-4 and first contact (the only alternatively scored star trek ive liked). bring back shatner and most importantly the original music :).2009s score was god awfull.

  • run from j.j. mr. shatner, 2009 was god awfull in my opinion, the micheal baying of star trek has begun and had about as much relevancy as transformers 2, nothing but a cheap attempt to make money by non star trek fans (j.j. is a star wars fan, not star trek he admits). lost is the only thing j.j. has done and he screwed up the series ending for lol.abrams a worse director than m.night shamaylan, at least sham has one good movie.

  • i miss star trek being socialy relevant, now its downgraded into action scifi fodder. the should have called this film to boldy go where no one over 25 wants to watch star trek anymore lol.

  • i would have rather seen an all cgi star trek like the clone wars is doing than the reboot with original actors voices from all the series, perhaps incorporating the temporal wars element of the show enterprise.another franchise of my youth turned to shit.

  • captain kirk is my favourite hero, i have watched star trek for thousands of times. the original series is the best and the only series that has become a cult now.

  • @mindthoughts1974 He cannot he doesn’t own it he is and actor only the big boy’s make the desicions.. sad but true.. It’s the investors directors and effects people hired then actors to do the parts.. I learned that how it works.

    I notice spock was used alot in future projects ..

    Williams had his moments.

    I wrote a movie making william shatner and Leanard nemoy and whom is left from the crew a great part in my movie but getting it made is another story.

  • @alanfunkle you can’t say that the music in ST6 sucked? It was created by Goldsmith himself. A ST2 soundtrack wouldn’t mesh well with a politically themed movie.

  • @KaitainCPS I stand corrected. I got that info from a very wrong source. But I’d still say that Eidelman did well with that score.

  • I would LOVE to see Shater and Nimoy on screen together again in the new Star Trek. It could be a great tearjerker moment when Spock sees his friend again.
    Unfortunately with Mr. Nimoys retirement from acting my dream of a Kirk/Spock reunion shall remain just that, a dream. ;____;

  • Shatner would make a great cameo. He’s right about both. Time travel or interdimensional is hypothetically possible and also, there’s science books that talk of reassembling Dino DNA and not just from amber. An adorably clutsy paleontology team, ok it was a huge bone too big to transport, broke open a fossilized bone and there was sift tissue inside.

  • Maybe some museum curators should start accidentally dropping those things. Hey, we can invent fossil glue from silicates and whatnot just in case ;)

  • Okay….Let me just lay this on the line RIGHT here, RIGHT now:
    Shatner: awesome.
    Kirk: awesome.
    Shatner’s books: exceptional.
    Shatner’s manner: intelligent/creative/will live to be 104.
    Bill…..You Rock!

  • Star Trek Generations is a paradox. The nexus is a trans-dimensional environment “where past and future collide.” When Picard entered the nexus he encountered Guinan who mysteriously exists both in the nexus and outside the nexus. Yet she tells Picard that he can leave the nexus. Then Picard meets Kirk in the nexus and then they both leave the nexus. The point is Kirk’s death outside the nexus is irrelevant; Kirk is still in the nexus! This plot element is capable of regenerating James Kirk.

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