The Star Trek:TOS “The Savage Curtain”/Mork & Mindy Connection!

Did Paramount reuse costumes and music from a Star Trek: TOS episode in Mork & Mindy? Evidence = very yes. Warning: You WILL shit bricks. Sorry for the abrupt beginning, and also the blatant fangirling at 1:00 (well, just the picture would be boring, and besides, he is cute!) And, yes, I did in fact feel the need to put the entire “Report To Orson” sequence in. Why? Because it’s funny. And the world could always use moar Mork. ;) Everything in this video © Paramount Television. Please do not sue or take this video down, I am not intending to infringe on your copyright or imply you are cheap or lazy (I say this in the closing credits too but I just feel I have to say it again).

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    7 thoughts on “The Star Trek:TOS “The Savage Curtain”/Mork & Mindy Connection!

    • Good Eye, Bunny! Just to let you know, it’s a common practice to recycle and reuse old props, sets and costumes in any TV or Movie production. Even Star Trek was guilty of it in the first pilot episode! And you’re right, I never noticed that Mork’s spacesuit was a re-use of Colonel Green’s uniform! Thanks for posting this! 8^)

    • Love this! Did you also notice that the clones outfits in the Honeymoon episode looked suspiciously like Star trek uniforms? I also seem to recall an episode where, I believe it was Fred, who tried giving a vulcan “nerve pinch”, and he said, “It works!”. Tell me if I’m wrong because my memory can play tricks on me sometimes… LOL! Anyway… thanks for posting this!

    • Of course, Mork’s uniform is not the only recycle. Kirk’s spacesuit from The Tholian Web also appears – worn by Mindy’s dad, of all people.

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