The musicvid formerly known as White Rabbit

As you may have noticed, youtube took down this vid due to “copyright claims” earlier this year. I’ve decided to use youtube’s audio-swap option (and chosen “Revolution Song” with irony in mind) to perhaps make more of you aware of this. This is obviously not the vid as it’s intended, but you can find the original over here: I was unable to reupload the video sooner, as I’d thought it lost in a harddrive crash and only recently recovered the original file, so my apologies for that. Thanks to everyone who wrote to me expressing unhappiness/sympathy at youtube pulling my vid, it is greatly appreciated. Further thanks to anyone who favourited this vid in the past or left feedback for it – all of it made me very happy. (Original description: A comedy crackvid about the TOS crew (mainly Kirk, Spock & McCoy) to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. In no way am I implying anything about their use of mind-altering substances. *cough*wellmaybealittle*cough*)

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    25 thoughts on “The musicvid formerly known as White Rabbit

    • Thanks, but it’s unnecessary. ;) Click “more info” on the description, and you shall find a link to the original version, all as its intended!

      (Besides, I’m not even sure a cover would work – people’s vids have been taken down, and I’m not kidding, because of snippets of background music or people singing their own cover versions of songs. FAIL, youtube, FAIL.)

    • Youtube does indeed suck; but thankfully I managed to save the vid in its original form and have uploaded it elsewhere – so it still is, no past tense needed! (Click on more info in the description box for a link to the reuploaded original version.)

      And I’m glad you liked it, thanks for telling me so!

    • I hope you realize that You Tube was only protecting you from not showing the copyrighted audio. But you must also realize that you do not copyrights to the Star Trek images which are owned by Paramount Television. To leave this video here (even in this form) you are open to lawsuits by the owners of this material.

    • well i finally found a copy of the original and yeah, too bad you can’t post it. oh well…. this is good, but not AS good as the original
      long live G.R.

    • Your origingal video is brillliant. Wish it was still on yoututbe. But I thought it was quite fitting and plus that’s one of my favorite songs. Awesome job. <3

    • Good news for you. You can re upload your vid on YT. Sony BMG finally figured out that WMG was claiming White Rabbit as their audio. It only took me 8 months, 1 failed dispute, emails with Jefferson Starship and numerous phone calls to Sony BMG and WMG copyright depts to be able to finally get my White Rabbit video back on YT with correct audio.

    • You can reboot this video, you can also argue the copyrights complaint, just put “Fair Use” into the box, recopy the message that is writen below and paste it into the box! Duh!! Please reupload the video with the “White RABBIT SONG” so I can repost it on my alien page. Thanks!

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    • Why youtube removed the song of this video due to “copyright claims” ,then there are several other videos with the same song and they have the right to keep it?
      It’s illogical !!!!
      White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane is a really good song.
      you have very good taste ^^ 5*

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    • Just watch the original video on some other channels you’ll find on google immediately. It’s just the very best video connecting star trek with this timeless classic song. It’s a very good work and is worth to search for it again and again. Thanks!

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