Star Trek vs. Star Wars

What would happen if the starship Enterprise encountered the Death Star? Watch to find out…

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    • My son watches this show ‘Star Trek’ and in it there is Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, Uhura who is Black, and Sulu who is Chinese, but no Arabs. My son is very upset and doesn’t understand why there aren’t any Iranians, Syrians, or Iraqis on “Star Trek.”

      I told him ”It’s because it takes place in the future.

    • @DigitalAlpine because what use is a star destroyer in a dog fight? they deployed y-wing and x-wings so they could get low and close. a star destroyer would simply misss and hit the death star. now what use is that? they deployed their fighters against them which was the correct choice.

    • @1993Conner are we still talking about how the correct choice got the death star’s ass handed to it by little more than a dozen fighters?

    • @DigitalAlpine the operators of the death star were to stuck up in the moment to think there was a threat. the destruction of the death star was not a flaw in the death star itself rather a flaw in the ones commanding it. believe it or not the death star was the one at a DISATVANTAGE. the empire expected cruisers. not fighters. the turbo lasers were designed to destroy cruisers. not fighters. the enterprise given its size would be a prime target for the turbo lasers and the superlaser itself.

    • @DigitalAlpine

      No the empire would win because they have more ships AND because they are stronger and more advanced.

      And yeah when i Compare the Silentium and Abominor to data- laugh PATHETIC.

      Star Wars has MUCH more advanced species – in Trek there would only be a few exeptions like the Borg etc

    • @1993Conner lol so as your proposal suggests, they fail due to incompetence, which just goes to show, its not what u got, but what u can do with it.

      point noted.

    • @1993Conner
      “the turbo lasers were designed to destroy cruisers. not fighters.”
      Yeah I can see how the turbo lasers in the trench would be designed to fend off cruisers that wouldn’t even FIT. Proof they’re not invulnerable is just that. Stop trying to pretend there is/was no way to beat them. The empire had their shit blown up twice and you still can’t accept it?

    • @Denorius01 “Star Wars has MUCH more advanced species – in Trek there would only be a few exeptions like the Borg etc”
      Easy to say that, but where’s your example? And u might as well complete your status as fool by explaining why your examples are so superior.

    • @phantonfan You should have been honest with your son and said It’s because suicide vests are no use in space as it’s a vacuum and no match against the Federation / Borg or Empire.
      Why lie?

    • @DigitalAlpine my point is tarkin while a military genious got cuaght up in the moment. he is a bad example. look at palpatine. he took over the entire galaxy in a few years and the star wars galaxy is many times larger than the milky way. somthing the federation was capable of. the klingons. the romulan empire. the borg collective. NONE of them were able to do it. and those are the four biggest super powers in startrek. warp is slower than hyperdrive tech. yr outmanned and out gunned. u lose.

    • star trek is way better in ever way. 1st, it’s more realistic. it’s pretty much a bunch of naval astronauts, 2nd, it’s very well written instead of a bunch of space ninja/knights. 3rd but not least, sci nerds r trying to come up with warp drive, a force field has already been made but a much smaller version, and lastly if u have a itouch phone, pad, screen whatever u can thank star trek for that. god bless star trek and america. u dont see anyone kissing their kid sis in star trek lol

    • @1993Conner ” got cuaght up in the moment.”
      Exactly. Happened before, happened again, it seemed to be a recurring theme with the so-called unstoppable Empire. lol A whole Death Star popped by little more than a dozen of the tiniest little fighters lol

      “look at palpatine” The guy who tried to zap a man’s son in front of him only to find poppa wasn’t havin’ it. OFF the Side with ya, old man!! LMAO

    • @1993Conner “took over the entire galaxy in a few years”
      Bullshit. You’re trying to credit him with having started building an aliance with which to do so and that ain’t workin. Overthrowing a governing body is one thing, building an empire as you’re trying to suggest he did – not in 3 yrs.

      And the Federation isn’t a power whoring union; They aren’t N support of the idea of doing what you suggest they cant, they’re more likely to try to prevent it from happening. Take over a galaxy. LOL #FAIL

    • @1993Conner “NONE of them were able to do it.”
      LOL because people in Star Wars are gullible and foolish, and it was allowed to happen. Now they’re forced to serve an empire with the grip of fear around their necks, enslaved against their will. LMAO poor saps. lol

      “outmanned and out gunned. u lose.”
      Theres species in Trek that would absolutely mop the floor with the entire SW Galaxy with a snap of his Omnipotent fingers, and just so happens Janeway’s practically part of the family. Let’s ask Q

    • @1993Conner “warp is slower than hyperdrive tech”
      Hyperspace is faster from point A to point B, either preemptive strike or fleeing a scene. Great, except they don’t have Milkyway charted for SW nav comps to calculate courses. They can’t track ships while N hyperspace, or attack; they’re blind, or Han should have known Alderan wasn’t there anymore. A major planet-sized object blown apart, not updated Nav maps, no sensors detected it as Obi Wan sensed it. Fast, but hardly effective N this case.

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