Star Trek – The Motion Picture – Trailer

This is the Trailer from Star Trek – The Motion Picture

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek – The Motion Picture – Trailer

  • I’ve never been able to track down the music score used in the bulk of this trailer. Does anyone know what it is?

  • I can enjoy this film, but it is basically a remake of the nomad episode. They could have been more original.

  • i must say that the new version of Star Trek (of J.J.Abrams) was too good..
    don’t know about these old versions…but the new version rocks……

  • @MrSpike195

    Are you kidding? It was one of the dumbest movies that I’ve ever seen in a theater! It was like a cross between The Phantom Menace and Transformers, shot with more color tweaking and lens flares than Minority Report and Blade Runner combined, and strung along on a plot fueled by cheap coincidences, awful characterization, and blatant disregard for the entire Star Trek oeuvre (to say nothing of narrative logic). I’d go deeper into it, but I only have five hundred characters here.

  • @Michael272727

    What’s so “fantastic” about it? The writing? (CARRBON UNITZ; Belllaaayyy thaaat phaaaserrr orrrderrr!) The plot? (Blue thing is heading for Earth; Kirk and his crew must stop it; they do; something about Spock’s brain exploding and a fake Ilia.) The special effects? (This movie has some of the worst compositing that I’ve ever seen, and from Trumbull and Dykstra, no less!) The music? (Well… OK. I’ll give you that one.)

    It was basically The Black Hole, but serious.

  • the mistake was using a script concept for a 1 hour tv show expanded into a full 2 hour movie

    the script was for st 2.0

    the other problem was not allowing the cast to age

    both these issues were fixed in khan

  • I love this trailer. I also imagine this second trailer for Star Trek the Motion Picture as a trailer for my story Galactic Bullet as a movie about a steam train that runs across the cosmos on laser rails.

  • They give away too much about V’Ger in this trailer. After all you’re not supposed to know it’s a machine until Spock does his thruster suit exploration of the interior of V’Ger.

  • Nostalgic! I remember waiting in line for this movie. I loved the story, even if it was a love story. It was good! Whoever says different, is not a true Star Trek fan. That JJ Abrams’ monstrosity was just something he wanted to put his name on. He could not get it, nor will he! To put Star Wars elements into a sci fi classic is doomed to fail. Especially when he puts the middle finger to the fans. These guys made it a legend.

  • @KJOSCOT I’m sorry, but the true Star Trek fans were the reason Star Trek was dying. JJ Abram’s rebooted, and saved the franchise.

  • @Goldiney Actually, it was the writers and Rick Berman at the helm that was the reason, not the fans. The fans kept it going for years. When Viacom bought the rights to the show, the merchandise became heavily copyrighted, which led to discontent among the fan base.

  • I really liked the movie and the plot, especially the V’ger. That was so creative! If the remake would be Star Trek XII or something, I would most definitely watch it.

  • @KJOSCOT. Only reason I bothered renting the Abrams Star Trek was for Domenican hottie Zoe Saldana (Uhura). I didn’t think the story was that great. Should’ve let someone like Steven Moffatt, Joss Whedon, or Warren Ellis pen the story.

  • All credit to Channel 4(Television channel in Britain) have shown all the feature films from the Motion Picture 1979 to “Nemesis” 2003 on 10 consecutive Saturdays.
    Now this weekend, they are showing them all 10 films over 2 days!!!!

  • Meh. The first half feels like a poor man’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The end is pretty good, though.

    Oh, and the trailer is neat. :P

  • I am a Trek fan but I didnt like this movie at all. Might be just to old :S But at least its the real Trek not that JJ new shit :S

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