Star Trek Panel at Comic-Con. The TWO SPOCKS!

JJ Abrams announces the two Spocks at the Star Trek Paramount panel, Comic Con 2007 Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto (the dude who played Sylar in Heroes) Both playing Spock in the new Startrek STARTREK S tardate . 1 2 . 2 5 . 0 8

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek Panel at Comic-Con. The TWO SPOCKS!

    • Not that it should matter, but I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of modeling work. I also don’t judge people based soley upon my rigid appearance standards.

    • I’m not a Trekkie (star wars FTW) but dude when the producer was like “i was more of a star wars fan as a kid” i was just like “he did not just say that… hes going to get himself into a lot of trouble for that one” but hey star wars is better so you cant blame him. and the dude saying the Lenard was being replaced is going to be in a lot of shit with the trekkies for that one to.

    • @SerasXHarkonnen Don’t forget that without Trek, Star Wars would never have been created. Think about that next time you say it’s better. You can’t compare the two reallly, Star Wars is a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away and Star Trek is about exploring our own galaxy in the future

    • @orliluvr1432 umm… why would it have not been created if there was no trek? and I compare based on the quality of the series and I think star wars is better. I don’t hate the trek I just don’t really like it, that is to say I’m not a fan.

    • @SerasXHarkonnen Because when Star Trek was made it was a revolutionary. It defined scince fiction as we know it. From War of the Worlds to Dr. Who most of society didn’t really take an interest in it because they were afraid of what was beyond ou planet, but Star Trek showed that some of those other lifeforms, are not our enemy. Perhaps Star Wars would have been made without Star Trek being there first, but it would not have drawn the same kind of audience. Kind of how Lord of the Rings (con’t)

    • @SerasXHarkonnen was basically the first fantasy book written. When it caught on and society began to accept the idea, it paved the way for other fantasy books and movies to attract the same kind of audience. I personally like Star Trek better, but I don’t mind Star Wars either, they’re both good, but I really love Star Trek for the morals it brought to society.

    • @orliluvr1432 ok I guess you have a point but I still don’t really like the Trek and I still think that star wars is better but eh.

    • @SerasXHarkonnen haha, I like ’em both. who knows, maybe someday you’ll watch Star Trek and find you enjoy it as well. I used to hate Star Wars actually, until my obsessed cousin made me watch them all in order and now I don’t mind them so much.^^

    • @orliluvr1432 I have seen some of the trek, I watched a bit of the origional and bits and pieces of other series as well as the most recent movie. the movie was alright but the series is not something I really liked. I guess its not really to my taste.

    • @SerasXHarkonnen well it’s one of those things that you have to watch alot of before it grows on ya. The original series has some good episodes but there was so much inconsistency and jumbled up directors and story writers it’s hard to watch all in order. The extension series you have to watch all of. Like Deep Space isn’t a collection of episodes, it’s one long seven season story. Next Gen is like that as well. As for the new movie, you need to fully understand the relationship between (con’t)

    • @SerasXHarkonnen Kirk and Spock before you fully comprehend the story line. It’s an alternate timeline in which Kirk and Spock start off by hating each other. in the original series apparently they were best friends from the day they met because Kirk was the only one who accepted Spock as a person and not just a half Vulcan half Human cross breed. Since Spock’s biggest goal when he joined Starfleet was acceptance it worked. Have you seen any of the original ten movies? They’re really good, (cont

    • @SerasXHarkonnen and can stand alone as a series in themselves. You don’t have to have seen the series to understand them, you just need to know a little about the characters which you may or may not. If you like Star Wars you’d probably like the movies, they have a lot of action and a plot line that goes pretty deep. Maybe you’d enjoy them I don’t know but you should give it a try.

    • @orliluvr1432 I havn’t seen the origional 10 movies but I might give them a go cuz I have so trek friends and stuff so if they are good it would be good? but I do know a decent amount bout the backstory so I did in fact get the new movie but I guess maybe in less depth. anyway thanks for the suggestion.

    • @SerasXHarkonnen No problem, I think everyone should be able to enjoy Trek. I honestly don’t believe Trek is Better the Star Wars or vice versa. I actually don’t compare them. If I were you I’d get together with your Trek friends and watch some movies with them and that way if you really don’t get something they can explain it. Anyway I hope you enjoy them.

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