Star Trek Online Gameplay – Borg Warzone part 1

Playing through the Borg Warzone

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek Online Gameplay – Borg Warzone part 1

    • To be honest I am not a fan of this game…. the main Star Trek game that I liked was Star Trek Bridge Commander, that game was almost perfect, and now Star Trek Excalibur is in the making, and looks much better than Star Trek Bridge Commander, and definitely better than this game….

    • @champion1642 There’s no way you can say a game that’s not out is better than any game that is out. that’s just pure ignorance. I like this game, and have fun with it, so that’s all that really matters.

    • @Zorlac0666 I have had a look at the Nano FX Evolved viewer and it looks very promising, and it is based on the physics of the Star Trek Bridge Commander Game, which is definitely better than this game’s physics, and the game is going to combine many aspects from many other games as well, yes the game is still in production, but based on what I have already seen, I am confident that the game will be cannon as possible… I didn’t say it out of ignorance, but rather of experience…

    • @Zorlac0666 but if you enjoy this game… I have no problem with that, by all means play and enjoy, I am just stating My opinion….. BTW have you played Star Trek Bridge Commander? granted that you have to mod the game to get it up to date with the graphics of 2010, but just check it out, or just have a look at one of my latest vids to see what’s its like first…. you don’t have to…..your choice

    • “WARNING: Ship is under attack!”

      Well thank you Computer, I wasn’t able to notice that by seeing that GIANT BORG CUBE FIRING ON US.

      Other than that, Computer is awesome :3 and so is STO ^-^

    • @Revkor Some of the shows actually did. Also, this isnt’ any of those games. Really, if that’s all you have to complain about, you’re digging the bottom of the barrel.

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