Star Trek Movie Old Spock Leonard Nimoy

New Star Trek movie trailer with Leonard Nimoy as the old Spock (around 1.49) star-trek– Trailer Movies 2009 http

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek Movie Old Spock Leonard Nimoy

    • @LivesForJihad Yeah, but what about the thousands of non trekkers who dont know who James T Kirk is, or casual trekkers who dont know what the ‘T’ stands for? This Trek is ment to bring more people into the series, not just the old fans.

    • But it was kinda…out of place.

      Think about it. When a cop pulls you over, do you say (pardon the example) “My name is James Tuberius Kirk!” or do you say your first, middle, and last name? Do you even say your name? THis could have been done a lot better!

      Perhaps some people don’t know what the T stands for. A better way to solve this would be if…James Kirk was an interview with some admiral, and the admiral reads his name from a file? That would look more “in place”

    • Oh, maybe Kirk has a ego the size of Ohio? Why say ‘James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise’? Do you throw your middle name initial in? It is Kirk, he will win every pissing contest because his dick is at least 6″ longer than everyone else’s, and he knows it.

    • I’m not really a fan of young actors coming along and portraying classic legendary characters… i believe the classic should be left alone. But i do like the young cast in the film, very good :)

    • @OrokaSempai He says “James T. Kirk” for the same reason the guitar player insists on being called “Yngwie J. Malmsteen” – y’know, to distinguish himself from all the OTHER guys out there named “Yngwie Malmsteen.”

    • wolfbladedeathtrap1 · Edit

      @Avatarblackwolf sorry mate you’ve got that slightly’s KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

    • i never saw this trailer… that’s why i was so surprised to see Leonard Nimoy when i watched the movie. i called out “Spoooock!!” at the edge of my seat when i watched the film. it was great! :)

    • @ChelseyCSD After seeing the movie, I realised that if Star Trek was going to survive, they needed something fresh. I was really prepared to hate it, but just before it’s release I began seeing reviews from people who had been fans of The Original Series for as long as I had and they were saying to hold opinions and watch it, that I’d be surprised. I was. I really like it.

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