Star Trek Insurrection Review (Part 1 of 4) watch the full review uninterrupted here…. Here it is folks, part 1 of 4 of my in depth review/analysis of the 1998 “feature” “film” Star Trek insurrection. This segment focuses on plot suck and picard suck, pointing out yet again the flaws of the TNG feature films and how their failure on the big screen is due to the fact that everything that worked so well in the TV show is changed for the movies to appeal to mass audiences which in turn makes the movies bad and unappealing (see: contradiction, or catch 22) Special thanks to Mr. Rich Evans, who assisted in analysis process and with research. please enjoy!

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  • Review: Star Trek, Insurrection

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek Insurrection Review (Part 1 of 4)

  • @kranktank yeah, theres just ironic that someone, who probably isnt really a moron, is calling something stupid when they sound slow. I do like the vid though

  • @SimKoning Haha, I was only joking. But then again, Plinkett does bring up the good point of the double standards with indians and whites. Was it racially motivated? Maybe

  • Hahaha :() Picard risked his career to help a sexy white M.I.L.F. , but told an old indian man in the same exact situation to make a “sacrifice”.

  • @darkfire532 Of course it was lol Because the studio think their viewers are all racist idiots…I’m not joking. Go to… pretty funny

  • Sigh… The big source of devision in this movie was being forced to choose between letting a few hundred people stay on some planet they just found by accident a few years ago… Or, usher in a new age of medical science that would save billions of lives and improve the quality of life for several civilizations.

    It’s not like they were even trying to enslave or oppress those people…. They just want them to get out of the fucking way so they can save billions of lives!

  • If you want some real double standards to complain about, watch this: yout u be.c o m/watch?v=FJjSzXkm55o&featur e=player_ embe dded

    I’d say that Picard was totally justified in his decisions, the same way that a father is justified in fighting harder for his own kids than someone else’s.

  • @SkyDoginthetube True, but some people just can’t function right unless they are whining about how “racist” a token White person is. *eye roll*

  • I have seen a lot of movies based on TV shows and I have come to a realization. For the most part, the TV shows are a timeline of events for the characters in the show. But the movies on the other hand is a full length event that could have happened during the show, but does not fit in the original timeline. For example, in the TV shows last episode, Data is a college professor, but at the end of Star Trek Nemesis, he is destroyed. Its an alternate timeline.

  • Earth tones, people! Everyone wears earth tones! BROWNS AND BEIGE! And Mother of Pearl!
    And Browns and Beiges and dark browns and light browns and BROWNS AND BEIGE!!
    Everyones gonna be wearing earth tones cause they live on a planet!

  • @Remorselesslymine Whether it’s a double standard or not, your video has nothing to do with Star Trek so leave your political agendas at home.

    Therefore: watch?v=fLrpBLDWyCI

  • @Museite My earlier comment was unclear. To clarify: I don’t feel like leaving my political agendas at home . . . so I won’t. :)

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