Star Trek: Generations Review – Part 1 watch the full review here. This is part one of my very in depth review of the movie Star Trek: Generations. After I saw this movie many years ago I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a TNG movie and it wasn’t a Star Trek movie. It was a sloppy mess of sell out schlock. It felt rushed and slapped together. A lot of parts didn’t make sense to me and it’s kept me awake many a nights thinking about it. Then recently I decided to make this. The funny thing is I could have gone into more detail getting specific about shot choices, lighting, the way the sound was recorded, etc but these are a lot of the major gripes mainly dealing with the plot and characters. If you want to watch the video in full and not in segments head over to or search for “Star Trek Fail”

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek: Generations Review – Part 1

  • @C0wb0yc00l Glad to see you’ve earned to see your ph.D in completely missing the point (to borrow from sfdebris). That’s one of his many shticks. He gets trivial things wrong. Or did you think that William Shakesman wrote Hamlet and that the German invasion of France was the French Revolution?

  • @C0wb0yc00l Wow, so that’s two attempts at light-hearted humor that you’ve totally missed. It seems you need the emotion chip much more than Data did. ^_~

  • @itchyisvegeta Then’ it would be logical to assume that there would be some sort of explanation about fixing the pre-existing emotion chip or constructing a new emotion chip based on Dr. Soong’s original design. There wasn’t.

  • @darkfire532 Hmm, and I see from your profile that you seem to have a tendency to jump into other people’s conversations. I guess we all have our faults. I suppose I’ll just have to go tell all my subscribers to watch somebody else’s videos because I’m just not funny. Thanks for opening my eyes. I think I’m falling in love with you!

  • @MistareFusion You care enough about comments to read the person’s profile and see their other behaviors. I think your problems are a little deeper than simply being unfunny

  • @darkfire532 Well, of course, my good man! I should certainly hope I have deeper problems than this bizarre little tiff between strangers. Now how’s about we not waste any more space on this page with our pointless chatter? I’d be much more open to discussing the video! And if you’re not interested in that, let’s just go our separate ways, shall we?

  • The most unforgivable sin from the whole TNG era is that the powers that be did not recognize the perfect crossover film that GENERATIONS could have been. I mean look at all the STAR TREK movies that did get made.

  • You can tell that this is an early review for Mr. Pizza Roll. Doesn’t have the snazzy razzmatazz of his currenter stuff. But, you gotta start somewhere, and a non-event movie like “Generations” makes a good training grounds.

  • The movie had three things going for it.

    1) The beginning with Kirk was pretty good.
    2) They got Malcolm McDowell to play the villain and he’s always great
    3) The idea of crossing over the two generations was a good idea, but could have been handled a lot better, and Kirk should’ve played a bigger part in the story.

  • @AlexKryocek How is marrying a Klingon out of character for Kirk?! He’s KIRK ffs. He’ll sleep with a female Gorn if he’s horny enough…..

  • @williamskidfears Please go back and read my WHOLE comment. At the end of it, I said “that’s probably not in character for him. Wait… now that i think about it, yeah I guess it is.”

  • @RedLetterMedia They could’ve simply done a movie version of the novel Federation. That would’ve been infinitely more watchable than your favorite TNG character plowing through forests with the saucer section.

  • I got to say I’m really disappointed in this review. Generations was a good movie and this was just nitpicking at things that didn’t need to be nitpicked at. The only thing said in this entire first part that was remotely true and not nitpicking was that the enterprise b was by earth so there should of been other ships in range…but at the same time that could be easily explained away. Even the chip for data’s head could of been retrofitted and updated in the 5 or so years since he got it.

  • well done it was a stupid film and i always ask the same questions myself…. Things dont make sense. Why dont piccard go back out of the nexus before they met Sorin (or what ever his name is) and stop him before his plan hatches. And the FUCKING CHEAPNESS. They used the bird of prey explosion from Star Trek 6 in this…. YOUR REVIEW IS VERY FUNNY BTW… WELL DONE

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