Star Trek: First Contact Review (Part 1 of 4) is full uninterrupted version of this review. The first part of a four part review of the movie Star Trek First Contact.

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek: First Contact Review (Part 1 of 4)

    • I know this is a parody review, but on a serious note, the reason the Borg didn’t travel back in time before invading Earth is surely because they would rather assimilate humans in the 24th century when their population is much bigger and they have better technology. The decision to go back in time could have been Plan B in case that failed. I know this is fanwank, but it’s an explanation!

    • About the part at the end, isn’t Data completely robotic?, he’s an android with no organic parts so it makes sense that he’s resistant to things like bullets. The Borg on the other hand are cybernetic so I suppose it makes sense that they can die if their major organs (like the heart or brain for example) fail.

    • Mr. Plinkett, I love all your reviews, but FIRST CONTACT? Come on! Yes, the plot is convoluted, but the film is, in my opinion, so friggin’ well executed that it successfully achieves the “suspension of disbelief” necessary for the audience to forgive scripting problems. Still, I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for posting!

    • @Sabohaque To call First Contact an “action movie” is a bit of an oversimplification, especially in comparison to DIE HARD, which IS an “action movie.” And all action movies, even sci-fi action movies, are subject to some “level of stupidity,” with ST:FC being no exception. I stand by my earlier statement: it’s so well done (in MY opinion), who cares? And anyway, to each his own.

    • Villains with Time machines never do what a real villain would in real life- go back way before the hero was even born and destroy everything that would blow the hero ever being able to do anything. Heck that means going back to when men were in caves then go back and wipe there and wipe them out! But of course, the hero needs to win, so the vilain has to be a jerk. Good review.

    • @mgraysonm No it wasnt. The Best of Both Worlds was 1000 times better. I liked this movie when it came out, but I always felt that there many things that were wrong. Why do you people get so worked up about these reviews?? His reviews all make sense. These movies arent as good as you remember them to be.

    • My dear,if you dont like this movie,change the chanel or maybe,just maybe you are so angry on all this movies because you are so STUPID that you cant find the corect button on the remote!

    • Hey you know…as shitty as Star Trek Generations was HIGHLANDER 3 was a much more suck ass movie. I mean come on…the immortals were revealed to be…aliens. Mother fucking ALIENS!

    • @Sabohaque
      “Bullshit. You don’t see this level of stupid in “Die Hard,” or any other good action movie.”

      Oh come on…every Die Hard SEQUEL was several lower levels of stupid. How many times does the SAME GUY stumble upon terrorists?

      Do I need to go into the levels of stupid in Highlander sequels?

      Hows about the Rambo Sequels? Or even Missing in action…vets kept alive till the 80s, in great shape, with 80s hairdos?

    • This movie should have been call “Star Trek: The Borg”

      First contact was such a secondary plot, that it took up hardly any of the movie.

    • The Borg are very stupid in this movie. Why did they wait to get to earth to time travel. Couldn’t they just have jumped in their vortex a lot earlier and then continued to Earth unchallenged? Sheesh. What a load of morons!

    • Your reviews are hilarious. Even though I really enjoyed this movie I still laughed. I just wish they had more scenes with Data and the Borg Queen.

    • If Sisko was there the movie woulod of ended in like 5 mins. He would of just wiped the Borg out in seconds. So they had to send someone who just liked hurting people he didn’t like. Not someone who will beat the life out of anything that slightly annoys him

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