Star Trek First Contact Movie Review (Part 4 of 4)

The last part of my review of Star Trek First Contact. In this segment I bitch about some little things and then the whole ending.

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek First Contact Movie Review (Part 4 of 4)

  • @MacBookHero
    Wait, really?? I’ve never seen the movie, but I just picked up as much as I can from watching this review 1,000 times. They seriously did NOT explain how they got back into the future?! For real?? There’s a movie that stupid that exists?!?!?!?

  • Actually the stupidest thing about this movie was at the beginning when the borg send a ship. Just 1 ship. not 100 ships or the entire collective…nope, just one. Didn’t even have shields either.

  • @garryjones2 I don’t know but they’re kinda gross! Look up Totino’s pizza online. I do like their frozen pizzas however.

  • @BangingMash But they CAN’T “recreate the vortex”, because as we saw Worf previously blew up the deflector dish (when he said “Assimilate this!” and shot it.) They needed that to recreate it. It’s a huge hole in the script.

    Like the end of X-Files Fight the Future, where Mulder and Scully are trapped in Antarctica at the end, and they never explain how they got home- or how Scully changed back into her clothes or dried off without getting frostbite.

  • @beardsleyaubrey Hell I’m not saying that it makes sense. I just answered the guy’s question, which was “How did they get back?”

  • @BangingMash Technically, the only way they could get back without the Deflector Dish, would be if they did what Kirk did in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, and zoom around the sun to create a space-warp- but if they did that, it would’ve made the movie too long. It’s like Plincket says- it wasn’t convenient to the plot, so they didn’t do it. Damn you Rick Berman!

  • @beardsleyaubrey I really don’t care. I was just answereing a question I don’t care about that particular stupid plot hole and what they should have done. zZzZzZzZz

  • @beardsleyaubrey Or, if they had a spare for the deflector dish, since even flying at impulse would’ve wrecked the ship without it.

  • @brenrose Because there was no Borg Queen before this shitty movie came out. In the TV series, the Borg did everything collectively, even decision making.

  • @MacBookHero They explain this at the end of the movie. Geordi, I think, says that they can make the warp field mimic what the chronometric diddly-hay-nanny’s of the Borg sphere or some shit, but how lame is that. I mean does this make the Enterprise-E a full fledged time machine?!??! Could any star ship be a time machine?!? Doesn’t that change the Star Trek universe for all time? Why not sling shot around the sun like in Star Trek 4?

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