Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan Trailer

see title UPDATE: Quote from mummra4ever: “This movie is really underrated on IMDb. If anyone here has an IMDb account then please vote higher for this movie because it should at least be a 8 out of 10.” He gave me this link:

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    24 thoughts on “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan Trailer

    • this is such a classic trailer.i love it. especially khan’s “vengeance” speak at the end.some strong writing in this one.definitely my favorite trek film.

    • @FekLeyrTarg To tell You the truth, the creator of Babylon 5 went to Paramont with his story bible about Babylon 5 and the Five year arch.. They turn it down only later to give a copy to the Producers of STG and they mainly just copy most of the sub-plots of Babylon 5. But most people who are fans of DS9 would point out that DS9 came out a year before Babylon 5, and also over look the fact that the Babylon 5 plot movie was already shown on tv even before both shows came out.

    • @FekLeyrTarg

      You need to really watch Babylon 5! It’s one of the best Sci-fi series ever made, I would put it right up there next to TOS Star Trek and TNG. My suggestion would be to start with the second season and only watch a couple of epsiodes from season one.. The first season of Babylon 5 isn’t that good and only has about maybe six good epsiodes. The second season is where the real story of Babylon 5 starts with the new captain.

    • This competes with The Undiscovered Country as being the best Trek film, I can and have watched both over and over and never tired of them. I guess the rest go Star Trek (Abrams), The Search For Spock, The Voyage Home, First Contact, The Final Frontier, The Motion Picture, Nemesis, Generations, and Insurrection.

    • @romeonarcizo than u aint no real star trek fan cuz that 2009 was no true star trek movie. how can u not say first contact or generations wasnt good?

    • @FekLeyrTarg
      Well actually, Strazinski came to paramount with an “Original idea” (And we all know how scared they are of those) about a space station orbiting a planet noone heard of with a gateway that can go thousands of light years away. Paramount rejected it, then JMS went off to make B5, became a success with sci-fi fans, so Paramount decided to go ahead with DS9. However, the sotries were so completely different for both, it’s more accuate to say DS9 was ‘inspired’ rather than ripped off.

    • @obdsystems
      Well, actually, the stories for the two series were so completely different that it would be more accurate to say DS9 was inspired, besides JMS went to paramount first with an idea about a station with a gateway outside that could go thousands of light years away,
      Both stories were presented completely differently, so I’d say that neither “Copied” the other, but they may have drawn inspiration from eachother to some small degree.

    • Some of the best acting yu could ever ask for. Not once during that film do Kirk and Khan end up on the same set face to face. Wouldnt surprise me if they didnt even work the same days during filming yet they can pull off an great acting performance like that. Nothing in the last ten years compares to the level these two pull off in this film

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