Star Trek 2 & Justice League Movie – IGN Weekly ‘Wood: 03.31.11

Tons of Superhero movie new, Star Trek 2 warps into production and Fringe avoids cancelation. Plus new movies and win Black Swan on Blu-ray! IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos? Sign up

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    25 thoughts on “Star Trek 2 & Justice League Movie – IGN Weekly ‘Wood: 03.31.11

    • @mitzibishi but the award is for her dancing she did not do anything, they jsut put her face on the person who actually did that, i think if the actor does not do anything they stunt-person should get it for something like that

    • @MrTerrorzone2012 Well we can only wait and see if these movies lil good as the dark knight or bad as dare devil and i have still watched the dark knight but a lot of people say its good so i’m gonna give it a look

    • @WarHawk215 its the best movie ever! Christifor nolan is the best director ever! Ledger is the best Joker ever!

    • @mufcsledge
      HAHA oke there a 2 ways why you would say that
      1 you never seen a bluray movie because you live under a rock!
      2 why waste of money bluray is the same price as a dvd you just nedd a player so your dvd/bluray salesman is jerking you off! thats why it cost more money!!!

    • justice league is just stupid, Superman end of, theyv made the most powerfull superhero right there, why the need for the others, what are the villians like, bigger than a planet?

    • Oooooooohhh Jess, my sweet lovely honey-bun cutie sex kitten! <3

      Your infrequent appearences make me miss you sooooooo much, oh my love please make more videos, you are so beautiful like a lotus flower! <333333 *kiss and hugs*


    • A Justice League movie sounds good. It just pisses me off how they’re rebooting Batman again! WHY!? Chris Nolan’s Batman series is awesome! There’s no need to reboot it. smh. People, there’s no need to participate in tha contest to win Black Swan! That movie sucks, anyway! The only good part was the hot lesbian scene lol. ;)

    • i love Batman comics, Batman movies and Batman video games – so to hear that they’re rebooting the series once Nolan steps down, doesn’t upset me or annoy me at all. the more films the better. obviously i doubt it would be superior to Burton or Nolan’s Batman, but i’d still enjoy it nonetheless. A Justice League film would be brilliant. Zack Snyder should boycott the Superman film and start getting involved with A Justice League. considering how brilliant Watchmen was, Zacks AJL would be ‘epic.’

    • I think the dance scenes were imperative to the film, and it was even more imperative that Natalie Portman was really performing, as regardless of camera tricks or digital manipulation, its the actress’ dedication to the role that matters, and if she didnt learn the dance, her performance may have been undercut.

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