Star Trek 11 Trailer – The NEW one (March) and in FULL HDTV!!

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek 11 Trailer – The NEW one (March) and in FULL HDTV!!

  • @Trekfreek dude…its a 2010 Captain Kirk…calm down…let me buy you a movie ticket and some nachos. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, then go on with your life in Engineering, Medicine or what ever it is that you do to keep your sanity and pay your bills.

  • @sagequan @sagequan. “pay your bills” Are you accusing me of being irresponsible? And what has it being 2010 have anything to do with anything? What are you trying to say? Be careful how you answer… you just might put your foot in your mouth. This is my free time. I will do with it as I chose. And just like you I chose to type my opinion about this movie. The difference is my opinion is based on facts. Your opinion is “If you don’t agree with me there is something wrong with you”.

  • @Trekfreek all im saying is that you seem pretty riled up for a movie. I personally enjoyed it and thought it was pretty rich. I didnt like Bones tho because im not much for fake accents.

  • @sagequan. I’m not riled up over the movie its self. I’m riled up over the people who say “It’s a Great Movie” and “Best movie ever” but then can’t back up their statements with facts other than “It made money” and the ever popular “It won awards”. I’m looking for that one person out there who will admit that it is a bad movie but they like it anyway. There is no shame liking bad movies. I Like Godzilla movies and The Nude Bomb, they are bad movies.

  • I can not fucking wait for the next one. Without a doubt my most highly anticipated movie.

    This one was absolutely amazing and it was 10 times better than I expected.

  • @counterclockwise123 You must have set your expectations lower than the center of the earth. Because this movie was just a pile of junk.

  • @Trekfreek Alright. First off, it had a decent story line. Not like other recent sad excuses for movies. The visuals were terrific. The acting was a little silly at times but overall strong. It has the makings of a good movie. I don’t understand why you consider it good. I’m not saying it was brilliant, I’m just stating that I don’t believe it is a bad movie.

  • @IZZYRULEZ. I don’t consider it good. You do. If it is not bad it must be good. This movie is the worst. The Story was poor (a villain from the future that is trying to get revenge on someone who was trying to help him? What is he, a Katrina victim? A kid with a criminal background becomes Captain because it is destiny. The acting was poor, and it looks like it was shot by someone with a bad case of the shakes. I’m sorry but I see nothing good about this movie.

  • @counterclockwise123. Obviously you are the one who is not a fan, because this movie had nothing in common with Star Trek. It lacked true science, moral point of the story, complex characters, intelligent dialog, and believable events. This movie had every modern lame popular junk plots and dialog in the book. The only thing that was Star Trek was the stolen one liners from the show and the first 4 movies.

  • @Trekfreek JJ did not want to make an exact copy of the original films. its 2010, things arent done the same as they were 50 years ago. get with the now

  • @counterclockwise123. The now shore looks like the then. Bad plots, poor dialog, rubber looking monsters. The now adventure films resemble the “B” movie adventure films of the 50’s. Star Trek was not a “B” franchise till Jar Jar and his buddies decided to make it “Hip” or “The shit” or even the “Bomb’ whatever you kids use today to say “popular” now days. Star trek was intended for the audience that wants to think and be entertained at the same time. The new movie looks like “Halo” on steroids.

  • @Trekfreek We clearly have very different opinions on the new Star Trek. I respect your opinion, however, I can’t wait for the next one. Good day to you Sir, live long and prosper.

  • @Trekfreek First off, it doesn’t have to be good in order to be not bad. There’s a middle ground last time I heard call OK. But besides the point, If someone promised to do something important and the cause if he didn’t would be the destruction of your race, wouldn’t you be pretty ticked off at that person as well? The kid “criminal” was a top-ranked student from Earth, so I’m guessing he’s pretty smart. And I don’t recall anyone talking about destiny. Most of your arguments aren’t great.

  • @darklord1294 This was the FIRST Star Trek I lined up for to see at the theaters opening night. And the one i love the most! This trailer is perhaps one of the best ones for film ever made! I actually loved this better than AVATAR!

  • This trailer and its music alone are awesome. But this film I thoroughly enjoyed and will watch again and again! I can’t wait to see more!

  • @Trekfreek You seem very obsessed with facts on how it is a good movie which is a bit hypocritical considering your whole faith is based on something that avoids and ignores facts.

  • @EnrichmentCenter. TROLL ALERT! TROLL ALERT! TROLL ALERT! This not a test this is an actual alert! Everyone avoid EnrichmentCenter This blogger is a fight picker. This blogger will trash talk anything that you hold dear to start a fight. Ignore this Blogger at all costs! This concludes this TROLL ALERT from Trekfreek (the best Trek fan ever)

  • @Trekfreek Its not really trolling more of a general observation. If i was wanting to troll you i would tell you how your beliefs are completely illogical and have no scientific basis.

  • @EnrichmentCenter. You just did. We are talking Star Trek and how it affects people here. We don’t give a shit whether or not you are going to hell for not believing in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s not hypocritical to point out that Star Trek is based on REAL science. I did not create Star Trek an agnostic, raised Christian, named Eugene Roddenberry Sen. did.

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