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Simon talks about the new Star Trek movie

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    25 thoughts on “New Star Trek movie latest

    • “Young cast” is right. This is not Trek, it’s “Doogie Howser MD” in space.

      Kids do not pilot multi-BILLION dollar spaceships.

      According to cannon, they are put through YEARS of heavy training before even *SEEING* a starship.

      This movie will be EPIC FAIL.

    • TheManiacOnWheelsUSA · Edit

      Are you pasting the same comment on every one of the videos for this movie?

      Do you expect 70 year old men to be fresh out of Starfleet Academy???

    • Christopher Pike & James Kirk was in their late 20’s -early 30’s when given command. GO WATCH THE SHOWS.

      Yes, it’s possible to get on a starship when young. AS A JANITOR!

      The A-Team, the ones who run the ship, are NOT KIDS.

      I was 100% accurate in my prediction of this movie, so DEAL WITH IT.

      This is so wrong on so many levels its a JOKE.

    • TheManiacOnWheelsUSA · Edit

      They are Starfleet Academy CADETS. They are suppose to be young. Do you even know how old these people are?

      It’s a complete reboot to the franchise. Expect it to be different from the original.

    • I was in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. If *anyone* knows what their talking about, IT’S ME.

      Young cadets are *NEVER* put on the A-Team! NEVER! JJ did absolutely ZERO research.

    • TheManiacOnWheelsUSA · Edit

      How do you know it’s not a training mission? You don’t.

      Wait until the movie comes out before judging the movie.

    • Yea, We saw how the re-boot of Dragonball turned out, didn’t we?


      Go read the comments of the vids!!

      FRINGE is just as LOONEY but Abrams is doing HIS thing as a director and right now….HOLLYWOOD thinks HE is HOT…so….remember….STAR FLEET IS FICTIONAL….IT DOESNT EXIST….GET OVER YOUR FRICKIN SELVES!

    • its a movie…. and plus who the fuck cares its a fictional world JJ did a good job and this was the only star trek that a) made sense and B) didnt suck so suck it up.

    • Chekov is 17. he says it in the movie.

      I just finished watching the movie.

      I WAS RIGHT. These are *kids*, not adults. There’s no way in hell they’d be on the Enterprise.

      And yes, Pavel Checkov is 17 in the movie. The rest are 18-25.

      In Star Trek Cannon, Kirk didn’t become Captain until he was 35.

      This was *NOT* Star Trek, just another action movie.

    • This is Star Trek. U are just dogmatic, and unable to adapt, the opposite of ST ideology, if u’ve read the Great Bird’s views. Trekkies can expand their perceptions and develop, u can’t. ST canon, is what is allowed into the films, this now IS ST canon. Live with it. They even gave narrow minded people an ‘out’, by making it an alternate reality. This is how it’s been done in the comics, as they have the same conumdrum. If u can’t deal with it, don’t go to the next few movies of…STAR TREK.

    • Get a grip on reality, buddy… if the movie would literally follow the old story… few people would go to see it… and the investment would not be recoved… KEEP IN MIND THIS IS BUSINESS AND ENTERTAINMENT… so relax and go on… LOL

    • What an annoying newscaster. Tell the story–no need to interject your interpretations of what they said… Geez!

    • When I watch that scene who was trying to get there attention and I swear to god it sounds more like “Jerk off” then Chekov. I had a feeling nobody liked the new guy :)

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