**~Glittering Cloud – Kirk and Spock [Star Trek 2009]~**

Eeeep!! I have finally finished this video, it TOOK me ages, the editing was so time consuming hahha xD Also I am sorry for the brief slashiness of this video. Hahaha well I don’t want it to be slash, but it kinda turned out a bit like that haha =P Anyways the story is: Kirk thinks that Spock can show no emotion, however he is wrong when Spock’s rage takes over. Spock on the other hates himself for beating up Kirk, clearly showing his ability not to control his emotion and thinks that he, himself is a monster. So he asks Kirk to help him, save him from himself. In this time, their friendship becomes stronger. Music: Glittering Cloud – Imogen Heap Clips: Star Trek XI Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 Time Taken: 1 Week ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO JJ ABRAMS, BAD ROBOT AND PARAMOUNT PICTURES. THE SONG BELONGS TO IMOGEN HEAP AND VARIOUS RECORD COMPANIES. I OWN NOTHING. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE. NO MONEY/PROFIT IS BEING MADE FROM THIS VIDEO.

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