Blunty Bones Karl Urban, Star Trek Star.

Blunty3000 sits down for an interview with Karl Urban, Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy from the new Star Trek movie.

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    25 thoughts on “Blunty Bones Karl Urban, Star Trek Star.

    • @ace69er
      I’m going to force myself to be polite here. I’m pretty sure plenty of people from South America, or Africa, or fucking Japan would also agree they have/had no idea why people from New Zealand are called Kiwi’s. It’s not my American ignorance or ego. I was politely asking why that was so that I WOULDN’T be ignorant, so excuse me for my curiosity. I can understand that you don’t like America or Americans, but please, shut the fuck up and stop leaving angry racist comments.

    • @wickedglamour Oh any1 who disagrees with america is racist.

      Well what would YOU call ignorance. I know why so many other nationalities get their nicknames from.
      Kiwi, Pom, Aussie, Yank, Kraut I could go on…but I sha’n’t.

      Funny how WE in the ‘outer world’ seem to know more about others, than your lot…

    • @ace69er
      No, if you disagree with an American, you have an opinion or an outlook. You are just an angry person apparently. And just because you are so knowledgeable on national nicknames doesn’t mean the whole of the non-American population is as well. And sorry if I’ve got other more important things on my to-do list other than know national nicknames, like getting my car repaired so I can get to my job or worrying about my sick mother. Don’t be so goddamn judgmental about nothing, asshat.

    • @wickedglamour Aww I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Mine isn’t the best either. but I am NOT angry.

      Just annoyed and disillusioned with peoples ignorance, thats all. I have to deal with it every day.

    • @ace69er
      Yeah well, everyone has to deal with ignorance. You can either be helpful to the ignorant to help them not be so, or you can keep your mouth shut. Angry, disrespectful words only serve to make other people angry and lose respect for you.

    • @Blunty3000 My bad.. Makes me feel better.. The Aussies have a much better down-to-earth spirit about themselves.. Good people. Plus, he nailed it.. Hell of a great job.. :)

    • I love when Karl says “I don’t know what he’s done [J.J. Abrams] to make space or spaceships, look like that.” LENS FLARE!!!

    • It’s so strange to hear Karl speaking wth his accent… It’s cool, but strange. I’ve seen him speaking American, Russian…

    • I don’t know if you could hear but that woman talking on the phone is annoying and I could the phone ringing at 1:36

    • Oh my – hubba hubba.

      I do find Karl Urban to be so well spoken in his interviews. Easy to understand for me being an Aussie and him being a ‘neighbour’. Just love his accent.

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