Aerial video: Next Star Trek Movie. Caught while filming trailers are out;-) Huge movie set just North of Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Feb. 12th 2008. (Hollywood, California. Just East of Echo Park, about 6 miles East of West Hollywood) 1000 Elysian Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012 Caught by Fox Affiliate KTTV Traffic Helicopter during morning rush hour reporting. set pix:

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    25 thoughts on “Aerial video: Next Star Trek Movie. Caught while filming

    • YES!! I cant wait to watch the new star TRACK movies.. and then maybe we can all watch star wars and see the jedi use their light SAVERS… i absolutly LOVE news reporters.. i’ll make sure to save their lives first when the zombies show up. And when i say , “save” , i obviously mean to use them as bait as the rest of man kind gets away.

    • Great visual.
      Not so great audio commentary.
      Mr. Star Track also says
      “The actors will probably wear green and stand in the chroma key like she did yesterday.”
      I guess that would work if they are standing in front of the blue screen – then we can change their shirt colors to whatever we want in post (although any overlap would need to be handled perhaps with roto-splines or some other time-laborious process). Mr Track may be on to something. But green in front of green screen = invisible.

    • stacy6903
      “But green in front of green screen = invisible. “- that’s the point, that’s how they get invisible “support actors” to move stuff around the main actors

    • Well sure, for support actors as you say, but “the actors” implied the primary ones, to me anyway. The work I’ve done usually entails using a wire or a green rod which is digitally removed later, in order to float around an object or what have you. Another way – Kevin Bacon in “Hollowman” wore bodypaint that coiuld be keyed out in order to create a convincing invisible man.

    • The latest film was so bad ass. I can hardly wait until Tuesday when it comes out on DVD. I have it pre-ordered on blu-ray.

    • Rawr! i hate news people! And that wasn’t the The Enterprise you moron! It was a thing that the Romulans used to poke a hole in the planet Vulcan to drop the red matter in and DESTROY VULCAN! Shhhssshh! I could even tell that, that piece of shit could not be the enterprise. I know for a fact that the enterprise is silverish white and that brown colored shit is not enterprise colors! Jeeezzzz some people have no brain stems.

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