2011 Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween2036.com It is never too early to start thinking about 2011 Halloween costume ideas. The idea of celebrating the dead is nothing new with the Day of the Dead in Mexico and All Saints Day to honor past ancestors in the Philippines. Its nothing compared to the way people around the world celebrate Halloween. This holiday is the only one that even approaches Christmas with the amount of revenue spent on costumes, makeup and of course bags and bags of candy. Unlike Christmas and most of the other holidays, this one is not meant to be spent with your entire family, but with your friends. The best costume competitions usually come down to two friends that have a fierce rivalry on who can be the best ghoul or have the most authentic Star Trek uniform. That is what makes this holiday so loved by the masses; you can be anyone or anything for a day. While vampires, witches, the grim reaper, mummies and werewolves are creatures from our own myths, the possibilities have grown wider with the vast selection of characters from movies recently. When a Batman movie hits the screens, the streets are running with little cap crusaders. When Ironman was flying on the stage, so was he on the streets that year. The popularity of the Little Mermaid has never wavered since that sweet little creature hit the cartoon scene and another popular one for girls has always been Cinderella. This year again with a Harry Potter movie coming out, wizards will be hitting the scene. For those that

Others Halloween start trek fancy dress costumes sites online.

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